Behringer MS-101


It wouldn’t really work with just the one oscillator.
So i’m guessing they either put a special fm modulator oscillator in there or they are referring to filter FM.


There is a choice between four colors. Pricing data still not listed … but we probably don’t need be too concerned on that?

Mass production should start early 2019.


I hope they offer this in green.


Green would be fun but it looks like it’s Red Blue Black and Gray. In some cultures Blue and Green are the same color – so if that’s you there you go.

ADDED: Kinda a nice blue imo.



hehe so behri didnt bother to fix that typography fail on the logo someone complained about on GS :diddly:

But yeh, if the core sounds are not there then this all will be an excercise in futility. I am quite sure Uli knows this.


I have to say, that is a very pleasant blue.

It looks like I’ll have to wait for a green synth.


This and the UB-XA are what I’m waiting for… Really looking forward to these two beasts…:blush:



FYI only, opinion free post :smiley:


I want one!


What is that and where can I get it? It looks like a contraption from AKIRA!! Like if they all had synths instead of bikes.


Looks cool.

Cant wait until they clone the SH01a, because I don’t have the desk space…


Think his noise slider is stuck



It matches my nord drum . Yikes. Take my money


Looks cool, but the demo was pretty bad (no worse than what I would’ve done, I guess). It’s massive, but I guess it’s supposed to be. This didn’t really compel me toward buying, but I’m still interested in hearing the price.


I saw it together with my son (2,5 years).

He said. Cool papa! Are we buying this one?

I said. No son, papa is saving money for Moog Grandmother and a little eurorack FX/LFO’s skiff.

He said. OK papa, but after that you can buy this one for me!


Yea, I prefer it actually, I have space at my place. I don’t want to be forced to use most of my gear under a microscope :musical_keyboard::control_knobs: :microscope: :diddly:


Damn it! I want one but it looks too big … I wish it didn’t have the keyboard


I’m unsure if some people are aware but this is based on an old , expensive mono synth , so it’s size , general looks and sound is old but as it’s become very expensive ( £900 +) behringer have made a version of it.

A lot of people want one of these.


Its its own thing. SH101 it is not.