Behringer MS-101


I would be surprised if they won’t


I actually own a Deepmind 12. Gotta tell you; it’s solid. Sure, it doesn’t do everything, but I also have a Prophet. It’s an absolutely excellent supplemental synthesizer if you already have a “hero” synth.


Hahaha! Actually it does come with the handlebar, from what I’ve heard. Not that I’d be caught dead using that thing. :slight_smile:


Behringer obviously lied, when they said that the „leaked“ products are only placeholders for testing the homepage.

Only a matter of time until they announce the 2600, EMS and the WASP clones…

Why can’t the just build cheap oscilloscopes for music purposes, so I can see CV modulations and waveforms…


Saw a gig last night with heavy 101 use and fell in love with that sound all over again. Surprising to hear that the Behringer clone doesn’t nail the sound, as it’s supposed to be a component-level remake. The Roland sounds good but I can’t deal with tiny faders. What’s a boy to do to get the 101 experience without breaking the bank?


A Roland System 1 with the SH101 plugout would be an idea. But this is a hell of an ugly machine in my opinion. There is also the Atlantis from Intellijel if you are into Eurorack but it´s quite expensive. Any other monosynth with a similar architecture might be a good deal for you, I´d take a look at the Novation bassstation II.

Or… save your bucks and get a real 101.


If it is a component level remake but with their version 3340 VCO rather than the genuine original CEM3340 then that would explain it, which also means that their Pro One likely won’t sound like the real one either, also the filter in the SH-101 is based around a Roland made part IR3109 a 4 stage OTA, which presumably they have cloned as well, and again it probably sounds different to the Roland part. Since the VCO and VCF are quite key to the SH-101 sound it kind of defeats the object of calling it a clone if they can’t get the chips to sound right!


It’s not out yet so it’s kind of early to bash Behringer on this one, don’t you think? I think you should at least wait until they release it and then diss Behringer once more.


Yep, fingers crossed they can tweak the sound into something close enough.


Judging by the Boog which is spot-on, they just might.


I normally wouldn’t chime in on this post, since I’m not planning on picking up the MS-101, but skimming the last few posts raises an interesting question. If Behringer dont quite “get the sound right” is the device an absolute failure? If it ends up as advertised, it should be a decent recreation of a classic monosynth at full size for a steal of a price. If nothing else, it could open the door for the next generation of music makers. Dunno, just a thought.


Since their goal is to release a clone of the SH-101, I’d say yes. It may still be a useful instrument for other things but it will have failed in its primary purpose.


Yes, they could have put 2x 3340 in, given it FM and X-mod and it would have been much more interesting than a not very accurate SH-101 clone.

A diy option could be:


the MS101 does have FM


ive got a manther , sounds similar but its a tough call on that and the sh01a for me . waiting for new firmware on the manther… its got some things to iron out and i’m not a great fan of the sh01a sequencer.

i dont think theyve done any proper 101 audio on the behringer yet , maybe some poor demos at superbooth …

i’d expect gilbert to sound authentic though…


Yes but only single osc, FM between the single VCO outputs isn’t as useful or interesting as FM between 2 VCOs.


A friend just built one of these and I got to hear it yesterday for the first time. I love that it’s not just a clone


The parallels I see with the skateboarding industry are quite amusing at this point. I find it curious that Behringer are making all these copies, (note my choice of word) if they have the manufacturing capabilities to make copies, why not innovate? Or maybe, work on the aesthetic design? Neutron was ugly, but at least it was its own thing.

I worked in the skateboarding industry for a few years, every so often a ‘new’ product would come out, basically a copy of something done 20 or 30 years ago. Sure if the engineering design was great and no longer available, it makes sense to recreate it for the modern day, but come on, did they have to copy the aesthetic as well??

With Roland and the boutique thing and ACB thing, I totally get it. And for me at least with their ACB drum machines, there is no debate. But the TR machines were Roland’s. Recreating your own product from days gone with a few tweaks, is a good thing. Why couldn’t Behringer have gone down a similar track to Arturia? ie- We can make an analogue drum machine, here is our take on it. Nah… lets just copy the TR808…

No doubt Novation would have sold shed loads more Bass Station 2’s if they had made them grey and blocky to look like an SH101.

Copying the aesthetics from the 80s is kind of sad. I have an original SH101. It works fine, and I love it. But holy shit is it ugly. Personal taste I know.

Anyway, that’s my half arsed morning rant over. Behringer? Boring-er…


if bass station 2 was called shbass101 and aimed to be a clone id understand but its quite a different machine and they had the legacy of bass station to build upon and share elements with.

the behringer is slightly different , some of the corners / recesses are different , but theyre blatantly ‘doing whatever theyre doing’ to make it instantly recognisable , people know exactly what it is , same with most of their other releases … that retro look is part of what people want imo , but with a little more digital control (usb , tuning etc).

they’re adding a few things, but i think staying focused and keeping the price down will sell shedloads.
in that leaked list they had a few new things but i expect those later… i liked the neutron but it wasnt quite what i was after . I’d love a 101 , maybe the deepmind , im not too familiar with the others but the repro1/5 plugin sounds great … although i have too much gear right now , and much of it overlaps 101/106/808 territory .

the market is also saturated by ‘kind of like an 808’ , and the acb 808’s which are close but i think/hope their 808 is spot on.
when ive tried the drum brute i was honestly thinking ‘does this get near an 808’ and it didnt , and i wasnt keen on most of the sounds either.


They’re hardly bigger than on ghe original and work well. The SH-01A really might br your best option right now.