Behringer MS-101


Not completely lazy ? It’s pretty obvious they ripped-off the mono/mini-logue sequencer design. And quite a few of design choices look korg-esque in my opinion.
If it wasn’t systematic it wouldn’t have been that big of a problem, but a lot of their product line are just cheaper knockoff of some other gear, they also don’t stop at stealing design, even their product name are obvious attempt at stealing market to other succesful products.
Making clones is ok because it fills a gap, but Behringer is still stuck in the same habit of systematic design stealing.


Not entirely true; for example, my oven (Brandt) and dishwasher (Fagor) were both made in Spain and France by subsidiaries of the Mondragon Corporation, then the world’s largest worker’s co-op. It’s since gone bankrupt, but the Brandt and Fagor companies still exist under other ownership and make goods in Europe, not China. They’re not over-priced either, and were cheaper than similar non-EU-made devices when I bought them.


I dont care about opinions on these recreations. If they are exact copies of the original with improvements what is the problem? I’ve always wanted an sh-101 but I’ve never been able to find one that was within reasonable prices to justify buying one over something else new I already had on my radar.

I almost pulled the trigger on the boutiques but I always questioned how I could get the same control with the miniature sliders. So I decided to go for original newer synths that weren’t acb boutiques.

But behringer is now releasing what those other companies they are cloning could have easily done. And added some modern features too. Look at how they are capitalizing on the demand that these vintage synths have. The parent companies of the originals could ha e done this and make a killing on all of us but we get plastic modeled tiny versions.

How many years have people been begging for them to reissue these? I’m finally going to get my 101! Full analog beauty, in metal chassis, with some minor additions. Brand spanking new at that!

I’m also going to get all 3 filter editions of the full Oddessy’s! In one unit at that. This is a great time to be into synths! Behringer may not have the best rep but they’re willing to do what everyone has been asking for. All of their recent prototypes at superbooth18 is just awesome! All of the great classics that are rare and high in demand are back! Now we can have those sounds we’ve always wanted. At a fraction of the cost of those og units.


Korg reissued MS20 and Odyssey in full Size…
Sequential / DSI reissued Prophet 6 with modern features. Tom Oberheim reissued SEM and Two Voice/ Fourvoice. Moog reissued the Model D and their Modular Systems! The only one not reissued anything are Roland and Yamaha.


Yes, I agree on many points.

We are very lucky to have so much choice (are we?)
The companies have to find a way to an end user, sometimes you win big, then you loose a little (or bigger) and come back with a slammer…or not…

there is a place in the market for everybody at the right moment with the right product new, boutique, handmade, refurbished or just fashionable.

Nobody is sure it will stay like this, who knows where this is going in 30 years.



There’s nothing specifically wrong with some of it. They make some good things. The Vsynth is amazing. But they make a ton of crappy consumer and prosumer stuff, they abandon software updates after a year or two even if there’s still major issues, leaning their user base stuck and helpless.

There’s just a huge demand for classic analog roland gear, a huge boutique market has popped up around it, people paying top dollar to get the sound of gear that was cheap back in the day, and roland refuses to reissue updated versions of their most classic gear.

Instead they use the same branding of classic units and put out digital or analog DCO version It’s not what most of us are looking for.


A whole new generation of b-boys can get a MS-101, a BeriBOB drum machine and a pair of adibos and be the next RUM DNC :joy:

Walk this way.


I was more or less focusing on the lack of effort from roland and stating that I’m on board for the ms101 as well as thier version of the odessy. But since you bring up those other guys reissues, can you get all 3 versions of the odessy’s filters in one unit with added effects onbboard? Yes Moog was nice enough to reissue the Model D, but who is going to pay $4K for a mono they can get for $300 now? And there are many alternatives to the costs of the modular 15 that you can get the same sounds from for a fraction of the cost. The original size reissue of the ms20 costs nearly as much as buying 3 of their mini’s. Dsi and TO have always recycled their lineups with a little upgrade to each just to make you “need that new feature”.

It’s fair for you to bring up these reissues bc some ppl may not be aware that they are available as an option. But there are no comparisons to original versions of these behringer prototypes yet. But I’m sure they are looking to win customers back to their corner and are doing what they can to make them sound like what they are cloning. And if not then I guess we will have units that sound unique to the originals, what’s so wrong with that anyway? Being different is actually good in what we do right?

These are just my opinions. I’m all in on trying these out.


The Model-Boog sounds really good.
I have no idea if it sounds identical to an original, I dont really care either.
What I do know, I want a small footprint monosynth that sounds like a SlimPhatty with a better interface.
So far the Model-Boog is the closest thing I have found.
It’s also built like a tank.
All that indicates to me that Bheringer is probably gonna roll out a bunch of sweet sounding well built clones, make a ton of money, while also rolling out original ideas such as the Neutron.



I haven’t got to put my hands on a boog yet but if it’s like you say, you are absolutely correct with the rest of your post.

The model boog was in such high demand before it was even released behringer couldn’t keep up as it was. I hope they are prepared for what’s about to happen because all of their units are going to sell faster than they can make them.

Btw, I have had dfam and mother 32 in my cart for some time now and the neutron thread had some good points on why I should drop the mother. I’m afraid that with all of these good units being released my studio is going to be elektron ot mk1, maybe a dt, want want want that erebus3, and the rest is behringer. I never thought I’d ever say I wanted to buy a behringer products again but I’m really hoping this is a new leaf for them as well!


The Korg Arp Odyssey reissue has all three Filter types implemented, yes Sir. And comes in Full Size or smaller Size with a suitcase and Sequencer SQ1.

They also offer a Desktop Version for 649€ with all three Filter.

DSI Pro2, OB6, Prophet 6, Pro12 AS well as Prophet X are indeed no simple recycled synths but total new development with each its own sound characteristic and feature Set. Dave Smith himself was asked recently why he is not doing a Pro One or Prophet 5 reissue. His answer was, that He finds this boring and wants to innovate.

Regarding the Model D Reissue…they didnt redesigned the machine like Behringer with SMD indeed they used original thru hole components! That invokves a Lot of manual Work and explaines the high price. Also they released the Model D as iOS Softsynth for 10,99 $ that to my ears sounds Just as good enough for my purposes.


yeh, that iOS minimoog killed most of my Boog D GAS as well. I will still buy a Boog at some point, but now I have the patience to wait for it to become available second hand :nyan:

For some reason the 101 sound does not interest me. Like, at all. I’m like


I own 4 different Moogs, Voyager, Mother32 and DFAM. I also spent money, buying Elektron stuff as well as modular synths from Verbos, Make Noise and so on…

I recently bought a Behringer Model D and I will buy more in this product line. Neutron for sure, probably Pro One, the 808 and some modular synths. I will not buy Deepmind 12 because I don´t like the sound. Here I will go for a DSI poly. Model D on other hand sounds lovely. So I think Behringer have brilliant engineers. The products are really good.

When thinking about the ethics, is it right or not to copy every little detail from another product? We have been living in a world filled with this for decades. Japan used to copy so much technology from the west. China is doing it all the time. As long as it´s not counterfeit I´m all good.

I also believe Behringer will actually increase the analogue market. It will bring more players to the table. Especially when talking about modular. One reason why people avoid it is bc it´s expensive.

just my flip of the coin


I don’t Like the recreations but i think the Neutron, original as is, is their best creation so far. I really dig that gnarly bass.


To make long things short: i tested the Boland 101 and i didn‘t feel it. Big box of plastic. Yes it has some bite with high resonance in the filter, but sounds no way like the „higher states if concussiones“ :wink: not sure why people would buy a 101 clone theses days when you can get much more modern analoge synth with faster lfo, 2 osc with crossmod, maybe a buildin wavefolder and snappier envs.


Arturia Minibrute 2/2s e.g.




If it doesn’t come with a handlebar, Behringer are dead to me!


I would not be surprised if they clone the 303 too.