Behringer MS-101


Great idea. Fortunately we don‘t go out together


Yeah- that’s got romantic/bromantic comedy/sitcom story written all over it. And it’s my mission in life to avoid trite storylines


Behringer is just doing it now at the price they are because of availability and market conditions along with innovations like SMT components. Not necessarily because it couldn’t be done, but yes, obviously not at this price. Again, Moog. We’re talking 70’s / 80’s technology… not exactly rocket science in the past 10 years.

You don’t like what they’re doing… and that’s totally fine. I’m not judging anyone either way. Me? I’ll absolutely buy an RD808 and Pro-One clone. I don’t have a problem with it all once the patents have passed. Yes, I do agree about the Behringer of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. They also (to the best of my knowledge from talking to company reps) suffered pretty hard from that reputation and decidedly/rightly so. IMO, this isn’t the same company and they have plenty of original IP in recent years.

If you’re bored, that’s cool… plenty of other stuff to talk about. :smile:


GThe very cool thing about the boutique sh01a is the added polyphony. That sets it apart. You can do really nice juno like pads with it (without that cheasy chorus :wink:). With poly sequencer


It isn’t that I don’t like what they are doing, it is more the way they are doing it, both in terms of execution/design of the products and ripping off Curtis, to name a couple of things.

I’m only bored of talking about it because it seems like I’m on a soapbox, and I’m not judging anyone either, well maybe Behringer :rofl:


Your fighting a losing battle here buddy.
I’ve got your back, but we can only hold off the stampeding masses for so long :joy:




I sold an excellent condition SH-101 and TR-707 in 1996 for $125 (IIRC). And I thought I was making a killing off it, because I had paid $50 for the pair. Mono voice? No midi?? Pfffft… who wants this crap? :joy::laughing::rofl:

Yes, I suffered for many (many) years when I later realized what I’d done. At least I can admit it.


Your post dosent make a lot of sense to me.

Essentially what your saying is that manufacturers must respond to whatever demand there is to reproducing old hardware? Companies like Roland, korg etc most likely have a product roadmap that will stretch for the next 2-3 years and don’t need or want this type of pigeon holing from their consumers.

Not to mention the synth in question here is something that Roland have released via sample packs, then vsts, then ultimately their own re-issue in a better format…

Over decades!

Why is it cool for another company to re-hash the foundations that in most cases where laid decades before they arrived. That is a very cheap and “quick grab” marketing ploy by behringer.

I would also rebuke any suggestion at this point about behringer build quality as mentioned in a few posts above. I have owned several pieces of behringer gear and their fit and finish is firmly at the bottom of the pile. I’ve played with numark dj controllers that were of higher quality.


I don’t want to portay like I was his friend or anything, just to make that clear. But in 93 he gave me feedback on one of my records “It would be better without the vocals” Which was a lot more useful than Graham Massey “not my bag” haha.


Fall back @darenager
There’s way too many.
It’s as if they are cloning each other :joy:


Yes, I’m saying companies must respond to market demands and those of their customers. Imagine that?

“Not to mention the synth in question here is something that Roland have released via sample packs, then vsts, then ultimately their own re-issue in a better format…” – People talking about this being a “cash grab” for Behringer. Roland has incessantly teased how many variations of 808, 909 and 303’s in various forms until they finally did the Boutique series? Talk about milking it! “Better” is subjective. I think the Boutiques are pretty cool. I bought a TB-03 myself. The SE-02 was an instant buy for me. People have been dying for legitimate analog 303, 808 and 909 attempts and got sample packs and plastic boxes instead.

Everyone has a right to their opinion on this. I have no problem with Behringer. Maybe that makes me evil and soulless. I would have gladly paid a premium price if that product was available from the original manufacturer. I have on numerous occasions. Will I pay what the 2nd market for originals? No. I also go out of my way to support creative companies like Elektron. If we’re at +30 years for most of these devices and it hasn’t been done.


Because there’s demand for it, and Roland is refusing to give people what they want.

If this has a VCO i’ll buy it in a second.


Stuck in 2004 are we?


We are talking about reissues of instruments that collectors horde and the people who make the music can’t afford. I’ve also bought shoddy Behringer equipment in the late '90s and early 2000s that were crappy poorly constructed Chinese products.

Uli said over 5 years ago he was doing this and here we are. They’ve recreated the hard to find or obsolete components. It’s all analog and full size recreations.

Ive never owned any roland boutiques and have heard both good and bad things about them compared to the original gear. What I see the best part of the Ms101 is the fact that it brings back the full sized sliders for better ability to find tune the positions. Again, I’ve never touched any of the boutiques to know how those sliders compare.

Also, look at the improvements, now there’s FM on it. I know the sh101 and sh01a har 128 step sequencers. Does the behringer sequencer have this?

I’m really loving what they’ve done to the odyssey too. They’ve made all three variants filters in one unit, added an fx module, love the LEDs on the fader tips. All controlled cc’s, and usb.

After I see more reviews on these units I’ll determine if I’ll still be as excited for these clones. But the neutron reviews and the boog d reviews seems to show that behringer is making things a lot better these days. So what if they’re copies, I’d never be willing to pay upwards of $4700 for moog model d, especially if I can get one just like it for a fraction of the cost.

I think the best quote I’ve seen about the Behringer clones is:“Behringer doing Roland better than Roland can do Roland”


What’s wrong with Roland’s gear? I’ve been jamming on it for a while now. Sounds fine.


Couple weekends ago I saw a Boog in the wild.
Not only was it built like a tank, it sounded fucking great.
Ultra analog grime.
Hating Bheringer at this point is just some old school hipster BS.


It’s pretty simple really.
The original manufactures haven’t and there has been a huge desire for them to do so for ages.



Got you :slight_smile:
The fanboy in me just likes to read things like that.
What was the title of your album?