Behringer MS-101


Deepmind and neutron are great.
The rest is very questionable


But you have to take cost of the computer into account as that is your hardware for running programs. Not everyone owns a computer so there is actually a chance that the cost needs to be factored in, just like the cost of an iPad should be factored in to those free and cheap apps. Because these are not necessities for living.

Electricity, clothing, etc. are

It is on topic because a lot of the gripe people are expressing online has to do with the price point, when ever the behringer clones are mentioned one of the first things usually said is the cost and how thats is messing up other synth manufacturers. The inexpensive cost was mentioned earlier in the thread.

Uli may be a total piece of work but the idea of making electronic instruments affordable for everyone isn’t actually a terrible idea. Hopefully the guy can do something to change his image cause it sucks that the idea is lost in the fold because of his past reputation.


Prior to the Boog, my Bheringer experiences had me swearing off their products forever.
At this point, I really appreciate what they are doing.
They are releasing fairly faithful, classic analog synths, with a few modern touches and things.
Well built and sounding great.
I had expected the original manufacturers to roll these things out a decade ago.
All the original manufactures have been completely dormant on this except for Moog.
HOWEVER, as cool as the Model D full size reissue is, I still wanted a desktop.


ermm… As an owner of an sh101, gonna have to disagree with you on that one.


The 2018 Behringer corporate motto.


Fair enough, do you have a SH-01a too? I didn’t rate the System1 SH-101 plugout, but to me the boutique sounds great.


I don’t own an Sh-01A, but I’ve tried them out at the store. It does sound great, but to say it sounds better than the original is a pretty bold claim! I’m curious how close this Behringer clone will come to the real deal. If it’s fairly close it might be a good one to have as well for gigs and such.


Not judging, just sharing :wink:


They both sound great. How do you guys feel about the sound of the MS-101? It didn’t quite do it for me from the demo vid… But of course it’s pretty tough to tell from just one youtube video.


Sounds like a behringer


that demo was terrible tbh, but then again it seemed like the presentator didn’t even want us to hear any classic 101 staple kinda sounds at this point… Guessing its still very much a VIP build

I buy H&M etc mass produced clothes and IKEA, I’m already a ”hipokrite”, and am going to burn in hell for supporting rotten companies. One behri here and there isn’t going to suddenly make me more of a sinner, I own Apple products FFS


Did you watch that sonicstate review of the neutron?


Well I owned quite a few 101’s over the years, Fun fact: I sold one of my Oakley modded ones to Richard D James, and no doubt they are a great synth which I am very familiar with, so when the plugout version came out I listened to a A/B shootout that someone did on muffwiggler, I correctly said which was the real one, and to be honest when the Boutique version was announced I expected it to be similar to the plug out, but when I got one I was blown away by it.

Seems I’m not the only one either. It is a bold claim and it surprised me too.

I also have the other Boutiques and I prefer the TR-08 to my old TR-808, before selling it I took a load of samples which I had been using, when I got the 08 it sounded better on most of the sounds, notably the BD, toms and clap. I also compared the TB-03 to my 303’s in that case I prefer the sound of the original TB, but the Boutique version sounds good enough and has some nice new features, like extended note range, trigger input, built in delay/reverb.

I guess it is down to a few things, component tolerances - we don’t have new factory fresh vintage Roland to compare with, and Roland probably had a number of machines to reference, and modelled after the best sounding, certainly I have noticed fairly substantial differences between same models of various vintage synths.


No it’s a Behringer


People can bash Behringer all they want- I am considering that 101 and 808

I don’t have the funds to pay for morality

And for some of these synths it’s either pay an exuberant amount of money to some gear elitist or buy the Behringer on the lo-lo which will add more gasoline to the disdain of the elitists


Nah man, you’re good - certainly never take anything I say as anything other than just another assholes opinion :thup:


i cannot hear a damn difference. on headphones here, and not looking at the screen when he is touching keys…



Naw man, I appreciate all opinions and views on this matter. Tis what the idea of public forums is all about!


Oh, I see :wink:


And with that post i am firmly brought back down to earth…

Good call bro