Behringer MS-101


yeah I heard the first batch is the one that had the midi problems. Well at least by the time we get them here they should have the initial bugs worked out. I want the black one but at this point ill take anything.


I see. You said “I have my doubts whether it can be rectified in an update.” when you meant “I have my doubts whether it will be rectified in an update.” I thought you were questioning whether they have the ability to change the auto-glide behavior from a technical perspective.


I played one at Superbooth and oddly, it didn’t click with me as I’d expected it to. For a start, the LFO appeared to be restarting on every note, like the ARP Odyssey’s.


No the LFO runs free. It neither sync to a clock.


Weird, I was quite puzzled by it at the time but happy (and relieved) that I was imagining things.


Hopefully the S&H syncs to incoming clock like my SH-101 though?


Yes it does


There’s a lot of hate circulating around this particular unit, more than i have ever encountered. Why is that? It just can’t be purely related to the minor “newly introduced synth” bugs, which’s from my perspective have been dealt with quite well. It’s something more…


Its more towards the whole brand really. I personally try not to participate in that discussion anymore, its a very toxic one.


I get thet impression there are quite a few bitter synth owners out there who dont like the idea of others having stars on thars, it actually upsets them that someone can buy something that does the same thing for a fraction of the cost, some even think disposable income is directly linked to how hard you work and those who can afford moogs and vintage rolands haved slaved for their purchase while poor folk have ignored their education and wasted opportunities. The fact the ms101 is not quite the same as the original gives some ammo to the argument and digging at behringer makes them feel more secure. Its the same in all behringer clone threads, but this one has more obvious differences that can be picked on.


I didn’t get that impression from any of the posts I saw here or elsewhere.

I’d say some people don’t like Behringer for more or less obvious reasons. And some others think it’s morally wrong to exploit someone else’s intellectual property in a fairly niche market, even if it is legally OK.

On the unit itself, I haven’t heard it yet, but eg its user ratings on Thomann are quite low on average, mind you these are verified buyers.


Thats not it…generally people dont like it when you bite their style. You can get sued or get a cease and desist.

They cant even come up with a name and logo that isnt a bite.

They are about to do a DS-80 (yamaha CS-80 clone). I could never afford a CS-80, and i STILL think its a jerk move. Yamaha wont be so easy on them. Why cant they come up with their own ideas?

It MIGHT be a touch more acceptable if they at least acknowledged the people that paved the way for what they are doing.

Try making an unauthorized Marvel figure and sell that :thinking:


Topic = Behringer >> MS-101 <<



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never realized this but putting them side by side im glad to see that the MS-101 is smaller on the top.


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Bought a D for my girlfriend this weekend and had a blast using it together, it sounds soooooo good and I’ll be buying the MS-101 as well. I’m totally in love with the little mod handle attachment :joy:


I think the most frustrating thing with them nicking designs is that the more ‘original’ stuff they have put out has been quite good - Neutron, Deepmind have both been well received and I loved the Crave announcement which is exactly the desktop synth that I want them to be making. Their stuff is good enough that they don’t need to be doing stuff like the MS101. They could have done a 32 key board with a sequencer and patch bay based on the Neutron.

The one thing I don’t get though is that there is clearly a market and I just don’t understand why it has never been filled by the license holders themselves. Gibson aren’t going to stop making Les Paul’s so why aren’t Roland and Yamaha better at this? Moog seem to be the only one of the well known synth companies that gets this.


The topic has to be about the MS 101 - there are dedicated threads for the broader Behringer politics - let’s not derail another one