Behringer MS-101


Yeah I prefer not having to pay extra just to have midi CC. This kind of instrument begs to be played by hand instead of controlled externally, throwback to the analog days.


it was done on the TB-03…kinda gave it a little something extra.


TB-03 is VA, though. Would be kinda odd if there wasn’t any midi cc control on a digital synth.

I mean, sure it could be done on an analog synth, too, but the 101 is rather simple.
Just take a photo and you have a preset saved.

I guess Behringer also wanted to avoid adding costs and having potential problems like stepping on the parameters, firmware problems etc.


That’s a real shame to hear. Is it the auto glide that is missing?


SH-101 knock-off with CC control of every parameter, including parameter locking via the on-board sequencer = Malekko Manther.


Sadly, yes, and I have my doubts whether it can be rectified in an update.


found this on another forum.

This would be maddening, I can’t imagine.


Yeah P-Locking LFO speed and depth is pretty fun on the SH-01a, you can pretty much cc control everything on it, I’m hoping the Behringer will result in some used SH-01a coming onto the market as they seem pretty hard to find at present unless you don’t mind paying over the odds.


You can control everything via midi on a manther ?


I don’t think so.


not sure if it’s in the firmware yet or not (I don’t have one any more), but it’s something they have planned for it. but as I said, for now, you can parameter lock the front panel controls.


What makes you think that auto-glide can’t be addressed in a update?


Because none of the developers have responded to my criticism, but I haven’t a clue as to what it would take to get the glide functioning like the OG, hopefully they can get it right.


The devs not responding to you doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all, and since the sequencer is software I’m sure they can alter its behavior in whatever way they want. Not saying they will change its behavior, but I’m sure that they can.


I received mine last week. It’s work properly.
I have not try yet the MIDI (only use clock, CV and gate) but the sound is awesome.
The FM part bring the sound to another level !


agreed, i never said they the can or can’t fix it, i said “i have my doubts” , which is to say i’m not sure they will!


No cc is a big no no for me, I enjoy midi control of parameters, especially with the Squarp which allows zoom to make smaller adjustments and all.


Just wanted to clarify the manther response cos it might get confusing
Manther can ‘parameter lock’ on its own sequencer but doesn’t have external cc , though it’s mentioned in this thread the devs have planned for it.

Midi cc isn’t on ms101 , they’ve done some firmware updates but no mention of midi cc.
As it’s analogue I presumed it wouldn’t get it except for some of the digital stuff (Lfo , sequencer stuff which has some sysex )
I think they’re doing an editor like they have for neutron.

Sh01a does have sound presets , midi cc and sounds good to me.


Im assuming the MIDI issue they had has been fixed but please let us know when you have tested it.
Are you in the US by any chance? I have been waiting furiously for these to arrive and get my hands on one.


Unfortunalty not, I’m in Europe but there are only few units available at the moment.
It seems like Behringer launch a first series and then stop the production (maybe to upgrade the firmware of the synth before putting it on the shelf).
I will do some MIDI test next week and keep you informed.
At the moment I’m controlling it with the A4.