Behringer MS-1 [was MS-101]

It’s just self inflecting GAS at this point hhh


Uli Behringer posted that in the Gearslutz MS-101 thread.

Interestingly, all these comparisons when matched like-for-like sound very close to my ears, yet in practise (from seeing random YouTube jams) they sound quite different. I realise both synths have unique added functionality, giving a good reason to own both. I also agree with whoever said when the resonance is pushed up sonic differences become more apparent.

i managed to brick my unit after trying the sysex update. if anyone knows how i can unbrick it, i’m all ears!

ok, it’s now sorted - just putting this here in case anyone else is having trouble updating the firmware via OS. you need to use the Behringer Updater program (found in the zip), that worked like a charm. there was me thinking all sysex dumping programs were created equal. and big up Uli for helping me right away, very quick to message me personally. great synth!

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So anyone got one of these? Any feedback?
I’m seeing on Facebook people having tons of issues with the firmware

i’m mostly following the gearslutz thread.
there was a new firmware in the last few days (i think its on the behringer page , but you have to look at the Red synth page , not blue/black or something like that).

recent link

Does the Behringer have cc control of every parameter?

I really love mine, the only real disappointment is the glide is not cloned and for me that’s a major part of the OG. I also have the SH01A which I also really love, but the cliches of analog sounding richer , warmer or whatever differences people like to use become predictably apparent to my ears.

one other negative is the keybed is horrible. i’m not complaining as the price is too good to argue. i would have happily paid twice as much if they had nailed the design and build quality.

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No Midi CC control over parameters on the MS 101.


I thought not but thanks for confirmation.

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Best demo playing-wise ive seen so far. Sounds deep.

Whoa…major ball drop. That was something that coulda made it something.

That would need an additional digital control layer, though. Faders and buttons would have to be scanned etc.
Extra work, extra cost, potentially extra problems.
Would be cool though, cause we could through p-locks and lfos at the 101^^

But then…the 101 layout wants to be played by hands and there’s not many parameters so no need for patch memory anyways.

Pdf manual can be find online btw.

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Yeah I prefer not having to pay extra just to have midi CC. This kind of instrument begs to be played by hand instead of controlled externally, throwback to the analog days.


it was done on the TB-03…kinda gave it a little something extra.

TB-03 is VA, though. Would be kinda odd if there wasn’t any midi cc control on a digital synth.

I mean, sure it could be done on an analog synth, too, but the 101 is rather simple.
Just take a photo and you have a preset saved.

I guess Behringer also wanted to avoid adding costs and having potential problems like stepping on the parameters, firmware problems etc.

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That’s a real shame to hear. Is it the auto glide that is missing?

SH-101 knock-off with CC control of every parameter, including parameter locking via the on-board sequencer = Malekko Manther.


Sadly, yes, and I have my doubts whether it can be rectified in an update.

found this on another forum.

This would be maddening, I can’t imagine.