Behringer Model D Synth

This is good fun – not sure where to put this, it could also show on the 0-coast or the Mother-32, but i think the Behri - D is the primary noise source.

Shows the sort of thing you can get when you slather on the reverb.


Fresh off the net, scary how damn close they are… wow:


If they can do this with various other classics, they’re not making synths… they’re printing money. Boat loads of it.


Well the Minimoog features a 48 years old technology. It was bound to happen at some point. The synth industry kinda feels like the luxury watchmaking industry: rocking old technology which R&D cost has been amortized years ago and selling it at a high price point.

The only way the Minimoog price is justified is because it is made in the US and it is easier to repair. The Behringer will probably die at some point and will become unfixable. But then again you can buy 9 other ones for the same price so. Can’t beat the cost of labor.

It’s sad for Moog because the competition will eventually make them suffer. And sad for the planet because we’re buying more disposable goods than repairable ones. But let’s not be hypocrites: I bought the Behringer, I would never have been able to afford the original, and now, I don’t need it anymore.


That’s the problem, even people that realise its wrong will still buy it.
Its human nature unfortunately


At that point to preserve your moral integrity you’ll have to:

  • Wear clothes that weren’t produced in sweatshops
  • Buy locally produced organic food
  • Live in an ecological house that produces its own electricity and is independent from dams and power plants
  • Not have a car, even electric (because batteries are horrendous)
  • Not buy anything made out of disposable plastics
  • Not have a smartphone (batteries, rare metals)


Tell me more about how you succeed at all that. We all ignore large transgressions to enjoy small privileges. Shepard Fairey even made it its motto. And then he sold shirts.


We all have to make a stand at some point.
Behringer is the perfect starting point


Maybe it feels like a perfect starting point only because it’s easier to build a society without cheap synths than it is to build one without cars. We can do without them. Only it solves 0 problems.


Consumerism I guess? In a way (s)he’s perfectly right. Only it seems an easy battle to pick, at least to me.

Minimoog has been cloned several times before. Behringer is just first manufacturer selling it for a rational price when considering the manufacturing costs.

I think what Behringer is doing is awesome, I don’t understand those people at all who say it’s wrong - because it’s not. Where were those people when Studio Electronics cloned Minimoog? Or when Creamware released Minimax?

Oh well, haters gonna hate I guess.


A lot of good clones and very good VSTs too. I was amazed by NI Monark. And the official Moog Model D app is superb too! (and it’s “a real Moog”, for the ones among us experiencing guilt at using clones :rofl:)

In the context of life. To arms, brothers and sisters! Death to the capitalist overlords!

More seriously, I do agree with psyclone001 that when buying something we should be aware that it’s repairable or not. The Behringer, as good as it is sounding, doesn’t look like it will. And it’s an unfair advantage against the Moog, or an hidden cost. But then again (again), 1/10th of the price.

What makes you think that? Behringer is made from discrete components, just like Minimoog.


My bad I thought it was soldered chips. The board is tiny but yeah that’s definitely repairable. That kind of cancels all the discussion about sustainability, but that’s for the best. :rofl:

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Anyone got theirs yet? Are you happy with it?

Local store is expecting a few units next week, thinking of grabbing one.

Ordered one, should be here on Tuesday. It was very hard to resist at this price point!

So I spotted some in stock and couldnt resist.
Could someone reccomend a nice sounding hardware reverb for dedicated model d duties that doesnt break the bank, multi effects could be good too but not at the cost of poor quality sound. I see zoom ms70 cdr’s are cheap and flexible but would I be better spending the same or a bit more on just reverb.
e2a. Available in if anyones interested

Alesis NanoVerb2 or TC Hall of Fame, though the Zoom seems really good for the money. I’d suggest the Alesis as it’s designed for line level, I know lots of guitar pedals work fine but the dynamics can suffer.

For a bit more you can get a Lexicon MX200 if you’re ok with rack unit format.

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I just recently found one for cheap second hand. I am kind of impressed - it sounds fantastic. I had a real minimoog d a few years back but honestly i dont recall whether or not they sound similar. Either way, for 250 bucks I think itll stay around for a while, even if i dont use it all that much.