Behringer Model D Synth

They got my attention now, especially with this keyless version.

Sweet! Oberheim next :wink:


Looking forward to their updated version of the Beat Thang, coming next spring…

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That is hot. My voyager needs a playmate.

Crazy , A MiniMoog clone for the mass. Looking at the spec it looks pretty good. I dont need another mono analog but for someone looking for something cheap it could be great … lets see.


im not a fan of mono-synths, even the most classic version there is… but with that said Id definitely buy a Oscar clone or a Synton Syrinx clone

im praying they will make a Jupiter 8 clone tho… id be all over that… OBX would be cool too


If they copy the electronics 1:1, then there is a chance of getting a similar sound too :wink:

Expecting a budget mass production, the circuit boards could be manufactured as SMD. Since the functional characteristic of an electronic circuit board, which at the end will define the sound, is not only circuit design, components, specific tolerances, and dimensions, but also a kind of network, which has wanted/unwanted complex interferences, we have to wait for the first prototypes, until anybody can call this a true D-clone.

… but there is more to an instrument then the circuits only. The original MiniMoog-D was pre-midi and thus all controlls like keyboard, wheels, etc. have been analog too. It’s quite a difference to have this sent to the unit via an external keyboard and midi, or having that all on-board as analog controllers.

wow, Behringer reads my thoughts…

and for those who are unfamiliar, the Oscar is a really unique synth with a very particular sound… quite nasty and raw most of the time, also capable of ultra-weird tones as well…


Between behringer and the mpc live it kinda feels like a new era of bang for buck units. Finally… Bunch of stuff coming out that is at least a few hundred quid less than it might have been. As opposed to stuff like the Toraiz which was a few hundred quid more than it should have been or OT, OP1, Sp404sx etc which are steep prices considering the components and how long they’ve been around. Good times…


yet again… Behringer reading my thoughts… or maybe my message board posts?


What’s next SP1200??!! Studio440? EPS16+?


Behringer OT2!? ;).



TBO … OB-Xa would be on my shopping list, if it’s providing the original sound. Even more interested I would be in a recreation or better rebirth of the Matrix-12 synth of Tom Oberheim … or others, which always have been rare, sometimes only, because they have been too expensive and too late, because the digital synths had already started to take over.

So what about those?

  • Oberheim Matrix-12
  • RSF PolyKobol
  • Elka Synthex

I would not be surprised at all…

here is a quote from the main main Uli Behringer:

“We have 4 synthesizer development teams simultaneously working on 20 synths, drum machines etc…

We’ll be creating both innovative new synths as well as reviving classics.

We’re all in and the teams are on fire.’"


Dave Smith already did an SSM2044 clone on the Prophet 6 right?

So 12bit sample playback and you’re done. It’s funny but the SP1200 output without filter can sound pretty clean, I think it’s the SSM2044 and the input gain of the signal that gives it that crunch.

I better build a berhringer binge fund.

OB-1 please please please!

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300 is the new price, driven by the new roland se, so things are getting heated, hooray for competitive synthing

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apparently, the ARP 2600 is in demo form atm. Wonder what the price point will be?
Starting to see a few fresh TISH clones coming on the secondhand market as we speak.

$299 US is almost mini skiff pricing, with a free synth. lol.

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