Behringer JT-4000


A second in a series of super low cost microsynths along with the ProVS.

From their Facebook page

Today we’re launching the JP-4000, an extremely powerful and portable 4-Voice Hybrid Paraphonic Synthesizer with 2 Analog Modelling Oscillators per Voice, Analog Filter, Arpeggiator and OLED.

Power the JP-4000 via your phone and connect it to your headphones or play it via USB/MIDI keyboard and a PA or recording system. Don’t let the small size fool you - it’s a full blown synthesizer in a micro package.

What’s under the hood?

  • Programmable 4-voice hybrid synthesizer with 2 analog modelling oscillators per voice
  • Analog filter for warm and natural sound

  • Reproduction of the JP-8k sound engine with Supersaw waveform

  • Additional 2-operator FM engine for unparalleled sound possibilities

  • Authentic 12-bit DAC for classic sound

  • 32 memory presets, expandable via SynthTribe app

  • 16 touch-sensitive keys for great playability

  • Arpeggiator with 3 patterns and hold function

  • Individual envelopes for filter and amplifier for creative sound shaping

  • 2 powerful LFO’s to control filter and oscillator tuning

  • 6 function buttons and bright OLED display for easy and immediate parameter editing

  • USB Micro connector allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer

  • Comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)

Best of all, we’re targeting US$ 49 and shipping in June from our factory.


ADDED : The name Spirit refers to the class of device. There is a Spirit size, and a larger Soul size. Expect many varieties of both.

EDIT : Changed name in title.


49 USD? I swear Behringer is going to release analog synthesizer keychains next. Looks like a lot of fun for monotron money. No battery power is a strange choice though.


I wonder what process they used and if it was decompiled from Roland’s code, might be skating on thin ice legally if that is the case.

Probably unlikely that they did, but I would not put it past them.

so they’ve moved on to reproducing VA synths now…? maybe they finally hired some decent software developers (or hackers, in their case).

looks very annoying to edit, depending on the number of parameters. also the key range chosen is very strange. $49 is fuck you money tho.

The keyboard has 16 tones – from B to D. I suppose the B is the leading tone to a C major, rather than having this a Locrian based keyboard. :wink: Can’t be sure but it’s more likely the keyboard uses capacitive sensing ( like the MicroFreak ) rather than something like bubble switches.

Good way to turn a cost saving choice into a positive design feature.


It’s a cool little thing. 2 Op FM too. And individual EG’s for filter and amp. NPRN/CC control negates the limited interface if it’s implemented well too.

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Bonomachine and bachinedrum incoming. They are developing through the decades.


Behringer had been working on a free DAW. If it was aware of things like the Spirit that might be useful.

( I get it these could all be plugins but who knows. )

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Seriously ugly little bugger… kind of hope it sounds amazing though, I do love a super saw.

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I’ve been joking for a long time now that Behringer sells very expensive key holders…

They now actually do :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, if there is an ironic contest ( like the Ig Nobel Prize or the Razzies ) for design this is definitely in the running.

I don’t mind it tbh. At least it’s a break from the norm without being up it’s own fundament. What is it they say about beauty and the eye of the beholder? There are more than one or two bits of kit on the market that look awful to me and worse still seem to have wilfully sacrificed some of the basic tenets of good design such as ergonomics and usability.


A color reallignment would make a big difference. That’s easy and perhaps likely.

I predict someone will saw off the keyboard

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It looks like a sort of Teal colour? Maybe a nod to the JP8000 colour?

The colour reminds me of the industrial electrical panels and enclosures I’m in and out of in my day job.

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I think most B gear looks terrible, like they got the office cleaner to design it almost, BUT I do think they are capable of nice looking stuff, the Bro One, Wasp and Cat spring to mind but they took a lot of cues from the original designs in those.

But yeah this one looks like a V-Tech 90’s kids toy keyboard.

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I wonder if they’ll make a $50 s950 sampler box.

This will sell a lot, easy impulse buy though I’ve bought other cheap things a never use them ( nts 1, pocket operators , axoloti, meeblip ).
There’s a recurring theme with everything I buy.


I expect another announcement tomorrow, so we’ll see.

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We’ve had Soul and Spirit… and ideas what might be next?


Yeah mostly same here, these cheap little devices are fun, but after the initial novelty wears off they just collect dust. Not all but most, it is probably due to the fiddly operation I think, especially the PO’s.

Still, they are probably designed for young people I guess, not old farts like me :laughing: