Behringer D Synth


Any Synth that has a ladder filter is cloning Bob Moog’s design including the Analog 4 and many others.


Oh my gosh, the possibilities…


That was nice!


Gotta admit, seeing a 0-coast next to the boog D gives me some ideas…! SE-02 looking jealously at me right now


Not only does it sound awesome on its own but it also has CV which is massive. Build quality is very good too, according to those who have it.

What’s not to like, considering it’s only 350 euros?


the shit company making it that has made garbage products for decades and has garbage support to boot?


It’s made by Behringer


Fair enough :rofl:


Somethings Behringer make’s is solid, been that way for a long time now.


After watching a lot more demos, I am for certain getting one of these.
Despite the brand, It’s exactly what I have been wanting, that basic fat moogyness.


The availability date i’ve seen is on May Day (not the radio distress call), so this is a ways out, lots of time for me to switch my mind back and forth on this one. Synths are good in that they have no expectation of monogamy! For now it’s a go.

Especially if it’s this cheap a date.



That thing sounds freaking awesome! Really. I know Moog pretty much as a session player and i can say that this thing sounds awesome and my Digitakt likes it a lot!!
I’ll make some videos :smiley:




They do exist :slight_smile:


M&Ms commercial or jynx?


I owe you a soda lol


I pre ordered this back in November and still no sign of it… I’ve checked the demos and they sound amazing. Been thinking to cancel the Boog D and get a Digitone though, can’t make up my mind!


Heads up, gear for music has plenty of D’s in stock:


In case anyone is interested, there seems to be some Model D’s in stock at Gear4Music (17 when I’m writing this):