Behringer D Synth


Is this necessarily the case though? I had a Monologue and the pots on that were super fine. I’ve heard the same about the new Dominion Club. Both with midi cc control. Is it possible that the pots can have a higher resolution than the incoming midi?


Absolutely it’s possible for the knobs to have higher resolution. Depends on the implementation – if they implement the knobs internally through midi, then no.

I definitely want the knobs with direct higher resolution input.


yeah agreed that steppy knobs have no place on an analog mono.


I hadn’t watched Behringer D demos since the first few came out, it does sound good, and for 300 I’d love to try one out for a bit.


Oscar would be amazing!


yeah, not necessarily no. The design can be made to work by either being very meticulous wrt to actual knob range, or by allowing more than 128 7-bit value range. The A4 uses bigger resolution than 128 for example.

Then there are those designs that have a larger reso for the knob than for the remote ctrl. A much better design still.


All this behringer activity cloning legendary synths is just turning me off and back to computer and vst’s. I have always wanted some of this spacial synths, and now when i can have beringer model D my Little Phatty seams more special to me, and the sound of model D doesn’t appear to be so spacial any more to my ears.

I like they make analog technology more affordable, but i just wish they made something special instead of cloning existing concepts i ques…

Maybe if they did full blown clone of model D with big knobs and nice semi modular patch points , and with preset card in the stile of buchla easel :heart_eyes:



No patch memories, no multimode filter, made by Behringer. Same old sound. Not interested.


Yeah I also heard that it doesn’t make coffee, that’s pretty lame :rofl:


It sounds incredible really , hard to admit but if you need that Minimoog sound its hard to beat.
Also it seems the build quality is excellent from all the review i’ve read.


I love that sound, it’l like a favorite album, I could just keep hearing it throughout my entire life.


Sounds very good imo. I wonder if I need that sound in my setup though…


I do, currently I only have Elektron stuff.
Really miss my slimPhatty, but always hated the UI.
Been waiting for ages for a desktop mono with some smudgy analog goodness in a form factor the size of the Roland boutiques.
I thought the SE-02 would be the answer, but it just didn’t really cut it, just made me miss my slimPhatty more.
I’m highly skeptical of the Behringer, but at 300 I can afford to find out for myself.


I’m with you JuanSOLO - i could have written precisely what you just wrote.

In an affordable price range now i’m also interested in the Dreadbox Medusa and the Moog DFAM, especially the Medusa.


Why did SE-02 not cut it?


I went a messed around with one at Guitar Center.
It was great, and came close, but just wasn’t enough gusto really.
I have an A4, and as much as I love it, I really just miss that moogy smudgy VCO goodness that is loud and powerful.
That said, everytime I hear my friend play his Poly61 I’m like, “YES! like THAT!” and it’s DCO’s.
I guess what I am saying is the SE-02 just didn’t zap my senses like some other synths do.


Your dreaming mate --testing a synth in guitar centre is doing the SE-02 a disserverce --big time


Maybe I am, the SE-02 definitely haunts me.
I mean, it’s just about perfect, especially the way it fits on my custom case.


Seconded. You really should try one again. Lots to love about it, and some really cool “hot rod” mods, like that feedback circuit.