Behringer D Synth


(And I’m not saying I’d do this, but for the Mother32 street price of $599, you could polychain two Behringer Ds and have a 2 voice minimoog)


The behringer also has 1/4" outs… so far the Roland boutiques come across as cheap toys, with built in speakers, 1/8" Jacks, the ju-06 I have has a good sound but left me really underwelmed overall. It’s my fear with the new se-02, I think I better wait until there has been proper reviews of this stuff instead of buying based off specs and a few internet videos. I honestly has more hope for the behringer than I have for any new Roland boutiques.


The Model D, an Oberheim, Arp 2600 and OSCar? Fine. Wake me when there’s an EMS VCS clone.


New sound demo


Another video where this thing sounds absolutely great ! (((imo)))

And a look inside here too.


I agree, was really hoping to see some demos of it doing bass slides and leads etc


Meh ringer. Shady.


Jareth Lackey of Synthpro did a full teardown on the Behringer Model D ! (Not sure what Behringer thinks about him ripping apart their prototype?)

Really well done video.

The B. Model D is the real deal, solid solid solid. All metal case. This is a no-brainer purchase at $300 in my opinion.

Interesting speculation that Jareth makes at the end of the video on modifying (hacking) the B. Model D.

The Behringer synth fx thread

Preorders are up on Juno £299.99 seems cheap as chips!


i still dont fully understand , whats the big deal about the model D moog/behringer synth ?


It’s a $300 clone of a $4k synth- if you want that sound- analog and in hardware, that’s certainly the most efficient way to go about it


Going to have to be bought at that price!

What is the midi implementation like? Hoping that each knob is accessible via midi cc, but wouldn’t be surprised if this is unlikely due to the price point.


Me neither, I keep wondering if I missed some demos that actually sounded good.


Aren’t there loads of side by side demos that show it sounding identical to a Minimoog?


The video review i’ve seen a long time back, showed how this sounds nearly identical to the Moog, which sounds good imo. The midi control of course is new and adds a lot in my estimation. So i for instance might pair it and control it with a Digitakt.


Demos have been impressive but like always with gear I only believe it when it´s on my table. My second thoughts about this unit (same goes for the fantastic SE02) is that a certain tactile sensation is expected when you play a moog synth. Even the small mother32 has a solid build quality with knobs that you want to touch. I doubt that Behringer will keep up to that.


True, it would have been great to have the parameters respond to midi cc but guess you can’t have it all.


MIDI remote controllability is a two-edged sword. It’s great to have it for automation (and it usually also means preset capability), but at the same time it imposes a control resolution to the parameters.

In this case I am glad the boog D is without it. I am already getting quite annoyed by the low res parameters of my SE-02, especially the pitch fine tune ranges are bordering on unusability. Having too coarse osc tunings on a 3 osc monosynth takes away alot of the appeal IMO.


Behringer D sounds amazing on the few videos available but I’m tired of waiting. I have it on pre order but will probably cancel and get a Dreadbox Medusa instead, it should be released roughly at the same time as the D. I’m hoping we will get to see and hear it at NAMM.


I’ve read that the Behringer D will also have up to a 16-voice midi poly chain.

Excellent suggestion starmanwarz - the Medusa does look killer – and at around $500 it’s not that far off. I read as a plus it has a 64 step sequencer that controls multiple parameters and an arpeggiator.