Behringer D Synth


This will perfectly fit in the hole of my little 6HE eurorack system, top row filled with Make Noise and Mutable Instruments modules.


Ohhhh boy. I didn’t even want this. I have a SE-02 on pre-order already.


My voyager will have a half brother…wow that was Ana amazing sound demo


Wow it really is a clone isn’t it. Can’t even hear the difference, well on my shitty iPad speaker anyway.
No wonder Moog announced they discontinued the Model D reissue.
Probably when they heard this $299 thing :aw:


Not surprised it’s a clone. It’s what Behringer does.

Mackie, then Boss, now Moog.

Who will be next?


they teased this…

and im fucking ready for it…

“Aside from the Oscar synth, I can confirm that the 2600 is high on our priority list as it is a truly remarkable synth; I always wanted one for myself:-)”

  • Uli Behringer


Hopefully Waldorf
Would love a $299 Quantum


Even settle for a Novation Peak for $299 also
…no actually $250 max for that one :grinning:


This is nuts. They sound identical! They’re going to sell a million of these.

Not for me but I eagerly await the 2600.


Will this behri D stay in tune tho? I have bad experiences with moogs getting out of tune…

When these hit the shops, beatport is going to be swimming in moog bass/lead music lol

If that Arp 2600 gets released, I will be very tempted to swap my Ody for one… I’ve always loved the 2600.

Behringer is changing the game here… after these clones, ain’t no way the pricing of analog synths can ever be quite the same… Which can only be good IMO.


Actually sounds amazing. Wonder what the UK price will be? There’s talk of a $299 price tag! Whatever, I’ll get one based on this video.


I’d be on board for a Behringer Mono/Poly


An OSCar clone would be sweet!


I won´t buy it. The built quality and size of the knobs is one of the main reasons to have a moog. With no other synth I can move a filter so smoothly. If I want a handy and easy to transport solution I load DIVA into Ableton, no one will notice the difference.


Only the Behri D for sound in the video! – How many layers do you hear here? I think 4 covers it at least most of the time.

Along with the recent ‘synthpro’ comparison video, and the price i don’t see where you can go wrong, if the $300 isn’t your rent money. Synthpro was very positive on the quality of the mechanicals, which is something i was concerned about. I’m thinking hard about where this thing might fit in for me.

Added: I meant concurrent layers, good to draw the distinction figgyUK! I would assume you could change patches with midi fairly fast…


G funk leads for me pls! It’s like its own dimension of acid


I hear about 6 patches so probably 6-8 tracks on that vid, not all playing concurrently.

For the price I’ll definitely get one. Of course @phelios an actual Minimoog would be awesome but I believe the analogue circuitry on the Behri is identical with modern manufacturing benefits and a fraction of the price. Overall won’t be as solid (or cool, or historic) but you get a hands-on module and all the sound - for me that’s much nicer than a software plugin.


Minimoog is off any reasonable pricerange but a sub 37 or even the filter in a moogerfooger box gives me a much better feeling than the boutique size knobs. Don’t underestimate how the size of the knobs and the panel influence your workflow. Adjusting a filter frequency within a millimeter will not be fun at all.


Sure…but it looks similar knob size and spacing to a Moog Mother 32 and I get on with that perfectly well. Look like there’s much more real estate than say a Roland boutique.

Edit: it actually looks like Behringer have copied the Mother 32 cheeks. Will be interesting to see if they line up together - same angle etc. for patching.


no sequencer and less (though still adequate, maybe) CV, but this is very, very tempting as a Mother 32 replacement in my Eurorack case.