Behringer cs80 clone?

Definately:) i would just rather play it with Linnstrument or continuum. I’m not very interested in traditional keys

Will finally get my Deckards Built this christmas. The soldering of the SMD was the biggest hurdle. Now its just a grind to get it done and bug test!


Slightly off topic but noticed this on Juno while trawling for TD-3 pre orders.


Holy S#1¥

Fishy first post. Uli, is that you?


Whoa, I didn’t thought that it would be released so soon. I have high hopes for this one. Now to the million dollar question. How much will it cost?

And how close does it sound to the original.

Honestly who cares how close it is, it’s going to be a monster polysynth and it for sure is going to sound GOOD. It will be fun to see the comparisons though! And for the million dollar question, I bet it’s going to be like $1,400 or something insane.

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Honestly, I care. I don’t see the meaning in cloning a certain synth if it doesn’t sound like the synth its intended to sound like :grinning:.

So if it sounds only somewhat similar to the CS-80, but still sounds amazing in it’s own right, and the price is extremely reasonable, you’re not interested? Do you have a CS-80 that it needs to match exactly for some reason? Not sure I understand the reasoning at all. Couldn’t a person just say at that point that it’s a synth heavily inspired by the original, but not exactly alike, and that’s perfectly fine? I have multiple copies of a few old synths, and even they don’t sound exactly like one another. My guess is that if you were to put two original 80s side by side, there would be differences.


Absolutely - most of the vintage stuff has differences between each one.

I’ll watch the DS80 with interest for sure.

Yeah of course its differences between original CS80s as well, but they all sound like a CS80.

I own a boog and I love the fact that it really sounds like a Minimoog. I can watch presets vidoes made for the Minimoog and remake them on my boog to get inspired. It’s just inspiring that it actually sounds like it should.

Fair enough, I’d guess that at minimum it will sound quite similar so you’ll probably be able to do that.

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