Behringer cs80 clone?!/BEHRINGER/photos/a.10152059078118914/10157309072373914/?type=3&source=48&ref=page_internal&tn=EH-R

Looks like Uli is thinking about it…

Edit: Added the screen grab for those young enough not to know what facebook is…!


this shouldnt really offend me any more than say, a Deckards (which I own and love)… but it very much does!

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This is funny. I just saw on Facebook a topic asking if Yamaha should do a reissue of the cs80. Behringer strikes again! Lmao!!

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My guess is that a new CS-80 synth from Yamaha will be like a new Jupiter from Roland and the new Vox Continental from Korg - pretty much a digital affair, but will appeal to a different market from the ones looking at a Deckards Dream or the Behringer (if it should become real).

Wasn’t the cs80 really rare? Ive only known about it for a few years.

insanely rare and expensive

this one that Uli now has is showing a serial of 1430…they were made for about 4 years i think…they are quite rare but not unobtainium…there is a recent video of “look mum no computer” having a play with one on a rickety keyboard stand…from RAK studios…it was just laying in the corner apparently.


Not so much ultra rare as extremely difficult to fix/maintain, all discrete I believe and a jungle of wires and boards in there… so who knows how many disappeared through the years as not worth fixing especially when analog was unfashionable.

Oh wow, this is what I have dreamed of for some while. CS-80 is the one synth thats on top of my wish list!

I’m really hoping for a well built clone with not so many wires inside of it as the original has :grin:

I like unique synths and this one is definitely that. The sound is very different. I’m interested in a remake.

Yeah its really one of a kind and unique.

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and heavy :slight_smile:

One idea: Pick up a Yamaha Reface CS and see if you like the tones. Sure, it’s not the same, but then again it doesn’t weigh a ton or cost ridiculous money.

CDM weighs in… they seem to agree with me that any remake by Yamaha will probably be digitally modeled instead of real analog.

Lol, I ordered mine this morning. Whatever though, I’m sure the Deckard’s will be better than the BH80

You’ve got a Deckards coming? Nice. Make sure you get the latest firmware on it, and if you’re a Mac user, join the Facebook group as updating is a bit of a faff.

Shipped from Black Corp to the dealer yesterday so I’m pretty sure it’s up to date firmware wise. Thanks for the tips!

Cool - I only mention because 1.3 is reeeally new

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Mr. Battle FTW!

If Behringer release this in a desktop version I wont be able to resist. Haven’t bought into the other clones but everyone has their braking point


Isn‘t a large part of the CS-80‘s appeal the polyphonic aftertouch?