Behringer Crave


Care to elaborate? The fan can be turned off, it’s only there for tuning stability in hot environments.

Moog One on the other hand has five fans that can’t be turned off…

Not sure what you mean by faders and screen being subpar either. Faders feel exactly like faders in Juno-106. The screen isn’t the highest resolution ever, but it does its job well and is very readable. Compared to Elektron screens, it’s certainly not worse.


Ahhhhh im in the process of saving up for a DFAM. Its a lot of money for me! I dont know what to do now


wait, try, decide.


I’m not going to do this with you as it will go on forever! You think Behringer makes stuff on a par with significantly more expensive manufacturers - fair do’s. I don’t, but neither do I see that as a problem. Seems a bit pointless to carry on.


Fair enough. I just don’t understand the complaint about the fan when it can be turned off and competitors have fans in their flagship products. Seems Behringer is judged by different standards than Moog.


There’s a live stream about this box -


Hah the crave is going to have transpose!
And apparently it have the same sequencer as the MS-101 and the Odyssey so maybe they too will have transpose …


Bring on the $300 B-MS Synthi! :space_invader:

While I never liked their mixers or anything else like that, I do think the vintage synth ‘market’ has lost touch with reality and I hope with a little competitive pricing will help level the playing field… not that one could actually get real synthi for $300 but for god-sakes, under 10k and not over 16k?


Not bad for €150 synth:


Much better demo than the first ones for sure



Ah, demo quality is improving.


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The topic is Behringer Crave - a reminder


You must be kidding.

Yet I am looking forward on giving it a hands on when it is released.


Sort of. Did you hear the other Behringer demos before this one? Yikes, imho. So, yes, I think they are improving. Improving does not mean I want them to release it so I can buy it on vinyl. :wink:


price is great for circuitbending :rofl: