Behringer Crave


it’s really close to the mother 32 regarding features.
Semimodular, 1 vco + ladder filter, sequencer with accents, ratcheting, glide etc. Same sequencer related patch points


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Not if you take a photo of your patch :slight_smile:


even going from DSI to Moog is a step up. pots bolted to the front panel that don’t wobble whatsoever is a huge thing. not that DSI sucks, but I’d still give the edge to Moog there, and it’s always been that way with them, across their entire line.

40+ year old Minimoogs still work. they need maintenance sometimes, of course. but it’s a classic instrument you take pride in owning and derive much enjoyment from playing. so you suck it up and pay the maintenance bill. when a Behringer Model D breaks down, do you pay to fix it or just toss it and get a new one?


Always though Moog was quality stuff but DSI … not so much.
They used the worst encoders in the history of synth (prophet 8 - Evolver) complete crap and they asked money for a pots replacement ! They still use cheap tact switch (need to replace one on my OB6 again) OS dev is incredibly slow and i always have the impression that you have the choice of a good sounding synth but extremely limited or a full featured synth but crap sounding (those curtis chip).
Anyway i have a Boog and to be honest i have nothing to say , feels great.


I haven’t tried that, true, but the controls are so sensitive that I doubt I could reproduce the patches even from a photo. OTOH I do like the sound quite a bit, and the xlr output is a godsend since my current mixer only accepts balanced signals. But if I ever run into a synth that can reproduce most of the sounds I like from the KARP, and has patch mem, Ody’s going to be the first one to go.


instabuy together with MF


I already have the Odyssei app and korg gadget for mac… but that one sounds like paper compared to the hardware. Upon a casual inspection the emu holds up, but once you get to mixing, the papery quality rears its ugly head…

Its funny, I read often the phrase “its close enough, nobody will hear the difference in a mix”, and that feels so weird to me because when it comes time to mix, that’s when I personally start to notice shortcomings in software emus… Be it a teebee emu vs my xoxbox, karp ody vs odyssei, TR-08 vs AR808, UAD pultec vs KT EQP-1… I always prefer the hardware in the mix.


Isn’t it crazy? This is almost a 100 % copy of the mother 32. Even with the Assign out.
Cloning vintage synths that are not build anymore, hmm…
Copying 1:1 a current product of the competitor, hmm hmm hmm

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They have an assign out on the earlier Neutron - maybe Moog saw this used elsewhere too

It’s a nice touch on the crave - but having not been too familiar with the Moog myself (unobtanium and less happening than cheaper options) i was a little shocked to see the read across between the two - it’s a patchbay in a new place and a better sequencer - clearly a source of inspiration

But for me this is less problematic, coming from guitars/pedals - a major whack of that market has been built on appropriation - to the extent that you’d be easily fooled with the right decals swapped on

The crave is a neat looking device that some folk can afford (but not m32) - it may not affect Moog too much.
The crave wasn’t so obviously a clone to me, it’s now more evident the thought put into design was half finished when it was originally conceived - possibly a bit naughty but far from 1:1


ok 1:1 might be a bit exaggerated :wink: It looks really nice to be honest.
But the role model for the features is very obvious


Great! maybe they also have a DFAM’ish model coming out for the same price :slight_smile:


agreed, I was a bit late to that party - when I saw it I certainly factored in undue credit for topology - but I prefer its mojo/vibe/layout especially factoring in price


I am not calling it shitty, but i feel the Same about the Volca series. But hey, whatever makes your boat float.


Yeah I don’t have a lot of experience with the older dsi stuff but I was mostly thinking about the newer stuff that has really nice feeling keys and the knobs and encoders at least feel a step above elektron in durability but I could be wrong… mostly have played the pro2 but I’ve found the build to be really good, like it really is just great to play.


So basically this thing is a cloned M32 in a different case and some people on the interweb be like “… take this Behringer haters,no clone this time.”


I dispute that. The build quality is fine but is a level or two below DSI and Moog. All from my experience mind you! But I do agree that build quality is not an issue just simply not on a par with the more “premium” options out there.


Yep, you get (more than) what you pay for. I’m fine with that.


Not sure if they have improved but I thought Prophet-6 had quite flimsy knobs when I used it and older DSI synths had downright terrible rotary encoders that broke often.

Moog on the other hand has had plenty of issues especially with their cheaper synths (Sub37 filter pot often needs replacing etc) but also with more expensive ones.

I have owned Deepmind12 for two years and there’s nothing wrong with it, I also like the keyboard in it and have no idea why some criticise it. I also have Model D and it’s solid too, no issues with build quality at all. Both also sound absolutely awesome.


I can only speak from experience. My DM12 keybed was great but the faders, knobs, screen were sub par when compared to the Voyager and multiple DSI’s I’ve owned. And the fan was a little bit ridiculous! Like @Skippit says though, you get what you pay for at that price point.

It isn’t a criticism of Behringer - I’m very much pro cheaper synths and things. I just don’t agree that build quality is on a par with the more “prestigious” brands. I wouldn’t expect it to be though!