Beginner help

I have created a little arrangement using 8 tracks. All sounding good.
For some reason now all I can hear is the kick drum playing sample playing that is loaded onto track 1.
I can’t hear any of the other tracks, the mute function seems to have stopped working all together.
I had made sure track one is not cued and the headphone mix is set all the way to main out.

Does anyone have an idea?

Maybe it is solo’d ?
Accessed via mix page


Yes, that definitely sounds like you have solo’d track 1.

When in the mixer menu:

It is possible to solo tracks by pressing [CUE] + the [TRIG] keys corresponding to the tracks you want to solo. A solo’ed track is indicated by a green [TRIG] key and the letter “S”. Unsolo a track by repeating the key combination.


Thank you very much for that! I obviously pressed it by accident

Crazy how something that is probably so basic can stump you.

Seems like I have a long road ahead haha

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Most everyone has probably had a moment or two when they thought there’s something wrong with the OT only to realise it was user error.


I got the rytm first. Then picked up the digitone and A4 no problem.

The octa seems totally different to the rest

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Hey everyone, I am new to Octa MKII and struggling to think of a flow with live recording patterns.

What would be the best way to live record a pattern to Octa from an external instrument that it would fit the bar length. as so far I was not able to record it perfectly even a mile-second difference creates a click in the end of the pattern once I play them afterwards in octatrack. Is the only solution to then crop the recording a bit? Also, it is quite inconvenient as I barely hit the exact right point to have perfect length of it… Thank you in advance!

Are you manually triggering the recording?

You can use recorder trigs to automate the recording process. Recording trigs can also set to one shot recording trigs, so the recording is only triggered once, without the need to remove the recorder trig. Length of the recording can be dialled in recording setup.

This process allows to captures prefect loops/recordings.


Yeah I had on Master clock my Yamaha rm1x and was doing other way around… will try to follow your advise now, sounds ver logical actually! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for advise!

You can also quantize manual sampling. Qrec in recording setup 2 menu.

OT also has three trig modes „one“, „one2“ and „hold“.

Quantized sampling should also produce perfect loops.
Recorder trigs are super convinient, though.

Check chapter 9 „track recorders and pickup machines“ of OT manual. :slight_smile:

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