Befaco Synth Duster

I haven’t clean-shaved in years, so I dug out my old shaving brush – I think it might be badger hair or something. It’s a lovely little brush, so I use that! And it sits upright on my desk looking cute the rest of the time.

@Artsutanav – I know what you mean. I like to have a hoover nozzle that I hold next to where I’m brushing to suck up the dust I’m disturbing with my brush.

@Gino - how much are Befaco charging for this?

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Is this sponsored content or am I dreaming :sleeping_bed:


Lol - No, not sponsored. I don’t even know what Befaco makes other than this brush.

Nice, please share a pic of the brush.

Cost will depend on where you are. For me it was $30, but most of that was shipping.

I like drafting brushes for dusting, but the befaco is showier

Top photo: Daiso brush in packaging.

Bottom photo: Soft 4" Daiso brush to the left, 3" hardware store chip brush on the right.

Shaving brushes should work too, but they are significantly more expensive than even a super soft paint brush from Home Depot or your favorite art supply shop. And if you actually shave with it, you should probably clean it carefully to get all of the soap residue out before applying to synths.


For something that really sucks, I’ve been using Miele’s MicroSet for years.


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Look, Nintendo made decks of card at first and Nokia’s first product was boots for rainy days.

Clearly, these guys are already working on an analogue quadra-timbral polysynth that gets right, what Moog One got wrong.


I think you need a dust cover for it now. Have decksavers released one yet?


I suppose if you make a habit of doing it daily or as often as possible then it’s not such an issue.

I think we need a video

The next major piece to the puzzle is a good air filter. Dust your stuff and the filter pulls the dust out of the air. Vacuum the floor weekly. Put decksavers on gear you haven’t touched for a week.

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Yes agreed.

Although, i don’t like Decksaver covers. My ocd makes me feel like they’ll damage the corners & edges of my equipment.


Yep, I have an air filter in my studio! Would recommend it.

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It is looking frickin awesome! Had to order one right away! Nice!
Oh, and it is 14 EUR btw.

I have been loving my befaco brush … It’s one of my favourite purchases this year. It’s actually much better than any make-up / paint brush I’ve used previously, the bristles have the perfect blend of stiffness and softness, and they don’t feel like they will fall off like some paint brushes.


Yeah, I was being kind of silly about it, but use mine regularly. It’s the perfect synth brush IMO.


what about something like swiffer dusters or smilar (and cheaper) products that work with electrostatic charge to avoid dust beeing brushed into any gap / chink?

You’re doing the Lord’s work. Had some time off of work and am getting the studio cleaned up. Thanks for the tip.

Off topic, but Japanese dollar stores are amazing. I feel like I need these. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Begrudgingly I bought a Befaco Synth Duster and the bristles are falling out from new.

Watched one slip between the gap on my Op-1 keyboard. Pointless accessory.