Beat Project: Sources Cited

I mentioned in the thread about making a commitment to release something that I wanted to do a project where I’d limit myself to sampling things that were available on youtube. I would then make notes of everything that I used so that I would be able to link it all. Well, I jumped the gun a bit.

I’ve also decided to make it an ongoing thing. So what I’m posting here are hopefully just the first batch. I’ve already shared them in the Novation thread but I want to make this its own thing since I’m probably going to bounce between machines doing this.

I also want to invite you all to join me.

For these beats what I want is for people to be able to account for every sound they’ve used. For me, putting things in the description of a youtube video was the easiest. But posting in the thread and linking here would be great too.

As far as adding additional instruments goes, I think that’s up to you all. But the point of this as an exercise is to let people hear the original sample in context to appreciate the flip.

Anyway, here’s the first batch:


Eyo, @Doug, love your idea and those bumpin’ tracks, so I decided to give it a spin today.

(The track is free to download if anyone is interested)

Bass sample:

Drum break:

Main sample chops:

All made with my MPC One. Just three tracks, one for each sample source. I cooked up 5 sequences, chained them together with song mode, and exported it to a .wav.


Dope! I especially like the change up at the end

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Thanks! Glad you like it. The switch up was fun to make. In hindsight I’m not sure if the bass line 100% fit the chops, but I think it was mostly there. :sweat_smile:

Here is the second installment.