Bargains galore. All sold, thanks very much to anyone who enquired or bought something :)


Would you consider shipping a Nyborg to USA? What would that look like, price-wise? (ugh, I shouldn’t be doing this but the price is pretty good…)


Sorry just doing eu and uk :slight_smile:


Thanks, figured I’d ask. In a way, you just saved me some money, haha! Cheers.


You make this forum and exciting and worthwhile place…cheers @DaveyP


Aaaaah! Totally missed the Fusebox! Would have bought in an instant…


That’s very kind of you to say so Hausland :grinning::+1:


Still available

1 Telemark (though could possibly be gone soon)
1 Nyborg 24
2 Oberkorns
1 Treadstone Module - I’ll do it for £150 as a final reduction , it’s as new as can be, only used it once for a demo video as I already have a Treadstone.


Treadstone sold :wink:

I’ve tidied up the main ad and added some euro modules


Sent you a pm :slight_smile:


Nyborg now sold

Telemark sold

I’ll do all the Eurorack modules in the picture apart from the treadstone obviously for £125 for the lot just to move them on :slight_smile:


Pm you


Just 2 Oberkorns left now :slight_smile:

Both good as new and both excellent for sequencing and/or modulation :slight_smile:

And a Megacity sequencer - nearly forgot that! :smile:


Final reductions before the mega sale ends

Oberkorns - both immaculate and as new - £195

Megacity - Mega bargain £350

I’ll probably end up holding on to these if they’re not gone by tomorrow but will give them one last run :slight_smile:


1 Oberkorn Sold

1 Oberkorn and a Mega City remaining.

Thanks to everyone that’s bought gear off me I’ve been able to begin assembling a noise and fx generating
modular based around the Erica Synths Make Noise Drone System and Dada Noise system. I’m building a hybrid that has the components of both as they share a few modules.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your new gear purchases as much as I’ve enjoyed using them and I’ll try and take lot’s of joy out of the new setup :slight_smile: :+1:

I’ve added 2 Generator sequencers and a Polymath to the mega sale :slight_smile: description in original post :slight_smile:


I’ve enjoyed this sale. I’ve let go of few bits of kit to try get cash up to buy few bits of you and though I missed out on them I’ve now few quid to get something new so winner :slight_smile:


I’ve created an Army of Analogue Solutions users :smile: I should be on commision :smile:


Oberkorn now sold

2 x Generators and a Polyymath and Megacity sequencer to go.

I’ll do the Megacity for £325 just to move it on. Huge saving on new and a great way to try out proper analogue sequencing :slight_smile:

1 Generator and 1 Megacity sold :slight_smile:


Added 2 x White Oberkorns £195 each

I’ve just grabbed some Erica modulation modules so don’t need these now :slight_smile:

Both generators sold :slight_smile:

Eurorack setup is proving a tad more expensive than I’d anticipated! So i’m going to add this:

A Telemark Keys, sounds brilliant, looks brilliant, ~Immaculate and less than a year old :slight_smile:

£575 plus postage and it cost a lot more than that!

Cheap as I can afford to go as I need the cash for the Eurorack money pit project :smile: ! though I’m getting closer to completing it :slight_smile:


That telemark is an absolute beaut


Stop. Now. Please!!!