Bargains galore. All sold, thanks very much to anyone who enquired or bought something :)


I’m close to getting the cash I need for the Erica Drone System so am offering the Fusebox for a one off £525, if I don’t get that by lunchtime then I’ll revert back to the previous price, as I want to be able to order the drone system by lunchtime so I can get it tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m sure i don’t need to tell anyone that is about as cheap as you’ll likely get an as new Fusebox :slight_smile:


Pm you


Just sent you a pm.cheers


I’ve replied


Fusebox is now sold. Thanks

Ton of interest in it :grinning:


Someone got a real bargain. Tried shifting few things last night to get money up but no joy :slight_smile:


Well the Telemark does have that nice sound also :slight_smile: and as I said before is awesome with an oberkorn :slight_smile:

An all Telemark song bar percussion:

Sounds mean!


That you could sell this fusebox, such a nice kit.


I may have sellers remorse at some point, but to switch things up sometimes something else has to go. Plus it’s going to a good home :slight_smile:


Thats one Nyborg Gone

So still left:

1 x Nyborg
2 x Oberkorn
1 x Telemark

For those not familair with the Oberkorn it is really versatile and a great source of modulation, I use 2 of them with the Techno Systems :slight_smile:

Made my erica Drone System Target


Pm’d for the Nyborg.


Treadstone Module available again as buyer changed their mind :slight_smile:


:chess_pawn: yea, same here :slight_smile:


Take it it’s the eurorack and not standalone?


Yeah eurorack


I’ve done one final round of price tweaks to blow out the rest of the stuff, anything not sold by this evening I’ll just hang onto and close the ad :slight_smile:

Currently have

1 Telemark
1 Nyborg
1 Treadstone
2 Oberkorns


Hi, i’d be interested in buying both the Telemark and Nyborg, would it be just one £15 postage for them to the UK? Thanks


Man, if I had the space I would also be interested in snapping those up – bargain!


I’ve sent a pm


Can I put a joker in for when you sell the drone system? :tongue: