Bargains galore. All sold, thanks very much to anyone who enquired or bought something :)


As I’ve recently acquired the Erica Synths Techno System for percussion I’m selling off the percussion side of my setup. Going to buy some more Erica stuff with the funds as the money tree has run dry :smile:

Made a few price tweaks to blow these out so I can Grab my Erica System, as low as i can go, probably the cheapest these could be found anywhere :smile:

Eurorack setup is proving a tad more expensive than I’d anticipated! So i’m going to add this:

Another addition!

After some thought I’ve decided to go full modular so am parting ways with this bad boy

Again I’ve only had it a few months so its absolutely immaculate:

Does the bass in this song:

Sounds beastly! :smile:

Same price as the Keys went for 495 plus postage which again as it’s so bulky will be a little bit more than listed below.

Cheap as I can afford to go as I need the cash for the Eurorack money pit project :smile: ! though I’m getting closer to completing it :slight_smile:

And also: The daddy of all synths, 1 of my Polymaths

As far as I am aware you can’t get these anymore and no more can be built, less than a year old and immaculate:

Again as I will be doing less performance orientated live type music and focusing on completing full songs I don’t need 2 so again am going to reluctantly part ways.

The Polymath sounds amazing and are by far my favourite i’ve ever owned.

£2500, again as low as I can afford and is a fantastic price for what you are getting.

Postage will be a bit more expensive on this as it is HUGE!!! :smile: , and I want to make sure its fully covered with insurance etc so will likely courier it.

Polymaths and Generators Playing together:

New additions as I’ve just bought some Erica Modulation modules:

2 x Oberkorn White: £160 each

I’m located in Northern Ireland so can post UK and EU

EU postage £20, UK postage £15, I’ll meet any difference out of my own pocket.
Eurorack modules include postage.

Paypal for payment - Buyer pays fees or friends and family to avoid fees. up to you !

You can see then in action here in the home of marvellous Analogue Music

Going to build a cross between the Erica Drone System and DaDa Noise as they share some modules so you get to help me build a beast :slight_smile:


Great prices as usual. Saw these when browsing local gumtree the other and they may have been yours :slight_smile:


Yeah I got the Erica Bug, so am doing a swap about, I tend to do that every now and again. Still have a Liepzig Keys, Telemark, 2 Oberkorns, 2 Polymaths and 2 Generators, so still an AS fan :smile:


I’m tempted with a Telemark. I’ll go home and have a think and drink about it lol.


You can have it for £400 since youre a nice chap :slight_smile:


I can’t refuse that offer. Sold. I’ll work out the detail with you once I’m home from work.


No worries, and thanks, that’s me one step closer to the Erica System :slight_smile:

And anyone else reading this don’t be thinking I’m a push over price wise !!! :smile:


That telemark looks a great buy, and the others. I’m afraid of the cost of entering this addiction though and your constant adding to your setup doesn’t help that fear lol


Yeah the Telemark sounds brilliant, that’s why I’m hanging on to the keys. Telemark is even better with an oberkorn for all the modulation options!!! :smile: (Upsell!)


You see, gateway drug :slight_smile:


Ha ha. In all seriousness though the oberkorn does go so well with the telemark for sequencing and modulation.


I’ve tweaked the prices one last time. :grinning:. Crazy low !


Stop tempting me. That fusebox now so tempting and I was about to bite the bullet on an opz :slight_smile:


If it helps the fusebox is immaculate and sounds fantastic. I’d recommend it. Not just to get it sold lol but recommend as a great sounding synth that can be jammed on on its own also with the arp. Patternator keypad etc and it sits well with other gear


Northern Ireland?!

So this treasure trove of gear is in my own back yard?!

I’m in Belfast. Loving the videos


I’m in the Capital city of Grooomsport, 1 shop, 1 pub, 1 Restaurant an off license and a hairdressers and thats it



Everything you need then!


Belfast here also


Townies! :smile:


1 x Telemark gone
1 x Treadstone gone

A few enquiries been made but nothing solid yet so bargains still to be had :slight_smile: