Baked in 'problemettes' AKA You're stuck with it!


Coming from the pre-undo era loads of my early stuff had issues in the final mix, as does everyone else’s when they first start off. Back then (tape) sometimes you we’re just stuck with it, especially after a bit of bouncing down!

Anyway, scroll forward quite a few years and I picked up my first looper pedal, a Digitech Jam Man Delay. Got it home and started messing, the way you do. Then a bit of a vibe started happening and I started building up some loops. After some time I realised that a) I wanted to do something more with the newly emerging idea, b) I was now stuffed to a large extent because I couldn’t take away some of the loops as they’d effectively recorded over other parts, and c) I’d probably had enough to drink!

So I ended up with a groove and sound I liked but only across a few parts. So I put the bits I could into Renoise, tried to gel it back together and at least I got something out of the other end! (‘baked in’ errors not withstanding!)

Fun and games with a looper, a raw drum kit loop, some un processed bass guitar, a couple of synths, a string machine and some 70’s and 80’s electronic piano’s.

So, any other tales of Doh! to tell?..sow’s ears and polished turds etc…We’ve all done it! :grin:


I’ve been making music since the early 90’s & i still work the same way.

Just Midi, a small Analog Mixer & Outboard FX. No Audio Multi-tracking or Stems etc & i record my tracks stereo to a Zoom H6.

While i’ve learned things over the years, i’m still pretty bad at Mixing. I just enjoy designing an atmosphere that’s quite literally an attempt encapsulates those (baked in) errors. They’re an Intrinsic part of my music.

It’s meant that ALL offers i’ve had, to release my music, have been retracted. But that’s fine.