Backup of Presets?

Hey lovely Elektronauts,

I did not find it in the manual and maybe there is no way but:

How do I backup my preset folders from the cycles?

On Elektron devices with a +drive the factory presets are always part of the firmware. You can’t create a backup of them separately.

The firmware file itself is the backup.

So I can create my own presets and if I use those in a pattern/project I can basically backup the ones I used but there is no way to keep them organized or to back them up and when my device breaks they are gone forever. Seems like I got a feature request… :wink:

You can use Elektron Transfer app to backup folders and presets that you created.

Edit: I forgot. You just need to update Model:Cycles to the newest firmware :wink:

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Ah yes, thank you very much. <3

You can also transfer via sysex by holding down the Level knob while a folder is in focus in the preset menu.

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Tested it, this also works. Again thank you very much <3

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