Backing up entire +drive


Is there a way to backup the entire contents of the +drive in a single dump? I’ve just about got my snapshots set up the way I’d like. Instead of backing up each snapshot individually, I’d like to have a single backup of all snapshots/soundbanks in case I have to for some reason format the +drive and reload everything.

I tried to find this in the manual and by fiddling with C6. Am I missing something?

Thanks all.

Back up whole MD+drive in one go?
Back up whole MD+drive in one go?

No. A snapshot corresponds to one instance of the MD’s internal memory, and it can only dump SysEx from its internal memory.


Well, at least I don’t feel as stupid as I did a few days ago. Thanks!


Does someone know, if there is a way to backup the entire +drive (all snapshots) via sysex in one go? Or do you have to backup each snapshot individually?


There is no way. As @PeterHanes says above, you can only dump the active snapshot via sysex.

Only saving them one at a time is possible.


Crickey! Did I really get my replacement MD 4 years ago? I feel old…


Age is just a scoreboard, and you’re winning