Avalon Bassline...worth it?/ Opinion

More like $1170 in the UK, which isn’t an inconsequential sum when money is tight. 2nd hand tt303 can be had for $400.

have a look at http://www.x0xsh0p.de/

I have a xoxbox from Mode Machines …which is … well, I have to calibrate the tuning … or maybe selling it. But a lot of people are recomending the xoxbox from the xoxshop. You can buy a kit and soldering on your own … or buy the already soldered xoxbox (have a look on ebay too!).

tt303 should be also very nice sounding, but I heared and read that production quality with the plascit case and whobling knobs is not as good as a xoxbox from the xoxshop.

Just dropped the coin on one of these, just awaiting stock in the UK now :frowning:

I was looking at the TT303 for a while but the Avalon sounds awesome, also looking forward to some A4 CV fun too.

I’ll report back when I get my mitts on it!

and emulations like the Twisted Electrons Acid8

for clarity: the Acid8 is not trying to be a 303 clone. It is marketed as an acid box and has a bunch of cool sounds (including user waveforms) and some nifty sequencer tricks but they make no claims of 303 emulation.

BTW: Project Dataline has been gigging with one lately along with his Elektron stuff. I pinged him once about it and he said he liked the random generator part of the sequencer for coming up with ideas on the fly.

i have the Acid8 and i like it. it is not a true clone, it tries to be similar but not emulate. it is very easy to use and learn, can go deeper with user waveforms and has an app for creating your patterns on the computer. but honestly this is gravy. so much easier to enter in a pattern (or create a random one) than any other 303 sequencer. also very easy to edit steps.

i just ordered an avalon as i also want a true emulation with the extra bells an whistles. it looks like from a design standpoint the best emulation. i also like the different sequencer modes. watch some of the youtube demos and you will see how quick it is to get some decent sounding results.

fyi, i found this comparison of the clones on a reddit thread:


I’ve got an Avalon too
It’s nice , though it’s subjective if you think £800 for a mono synth is worth it
The build quality is very good , reminds me of nord gear
Not sure how the filters change the core sound , not many YouTube vids atm

Want a 303 without paying vintage prices , yes it’s worth it
You can buy a lot for 800 , like a clone , bunch of eurorack , 2nd hand a4 / octatrack ?
Near 900 I’ve seen moog 37’s synths

I’ve also got
Acid 8 , meeblip, tt303 , tb3 , Waldorf rocket for my acid fixes , I like them all
If I wanted another bass box I’d get the mam mb33 cheap box.

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I have a friend who is taking a hard look at the Avalon.
It seems like the Filter CV input makes it a great companion to A4’s CV track (probability + fills for filter automation!?).

Does anyone have an Avalon with any of the additional filter cards?
Do the other filters make the Avalon considerably more versatile?

Anyone know how I contact Abstrakt?

Tried the email on the site but not getting any reply. Also tried their Facebook but they haven’t posted there in months.

How did you other owners contact them? Did you buy direct or through one of their dealers ?

Phoning them up seems best , the big thread on gearslutz often shows phoning is best
I think they’re trying to get new stock sent out , beta testing new firmware , get carts made .

Thanks. Yeah got in touch with Lawrence at the UK dealer listed on the Abstrakt site. New stock due in any day now. Have a downpayment made. Shit is going to be biblical

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Mine arrived the day after the shipment hit the uk . They were very quick to dispatch it.

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I got mine a week ago. Together with the ladder filter cartridge and I’m pairing it up with a Pro-Co FatRat. It sounds great. The ladder filter sounds similar to the stock filter, but just a little richer in those filter sweeps. I bought the Avalon because it was constructed based on the original 303 design and with similar parts, but closely mimics the DevilFish mod. A vintage 303 with DevilFish mod in a custom aluminum chassis will run you $4-5k. With vintage parts come vintage problems. It seemed a better idea to get a current production model. To me it sounds just like the 303 of age and that’s what matters to me. Stellar build as well.

Here is a short little demo using the Rytm, a TB-3, and the Avalon:


Lucky. Still waiting for mine

I’ve been loving mine.


Ugh. I don’t have the money to be researching these things.


Researching facepalm


Mine is plugged into a biscuit

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Do you like having it pass through the Biscuit? Any examples of what it sounds like?

Maybe a bit off-topic

But this arrived in the post today.

Thank goodness someone out there knows what they’re doing


That’s hot. I promised to dedicate my time to the octatrack but that’s hot