Auto load something other than presets

hi ,
does anyone know how to change the project that loads on startup?

I’m sure i’ve read how to do it somewhere but am obviously using the wrong search terms.


When I start my DN it’s always on the latest project I was working on :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for the taking time out of your day to be so helpful Craig.

On startup The DN will load the last project that was open. If it open the preset project every time that is the project you have open. Start a new project save it to a slot other than 1. As long as you are working in the other project that will be the one which opens upon boot.

This is because the machine maintains the state it was in before power down.


Non sarcastic actual thank you this time.
This could be the source of the other problem I’m encountering.
My project is saved in slot one.
But every time I turn it on its opening presets.

The first one is write protected to be Presets, so follow @jefones’s advice. Load a new project, save it in slot 2. From then on, the last project you had open will be the one that is loaded on powering up. Does that make sense? If you want to work on the Presets one, copy it to slot 2, then you have the same thing, a writable project that will open on power up if it’s the last one you had open before powering down :yellow_heart:


damn, nope, that doesn’t happen, it still loads up the presets project.

im running version 1.21

I have multiple projects, all saved on slots other than 001.
I load up one of those projects, wait a bit, or save or whatever, turn off the digitone,
turn it back on and its the preset patch im looking at.
does that mean its not working properly?

That is super weird. Yes, you may have found a bug. Time to create a support ticket on Give them as much information as possible. They will advise whether there are steps you can take or whether you need to send them the defective unit. Good luck!

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Yea cheers for your help Craig.
I’ll post results here for anyone else having this problem

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