Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


I have a friend that performs and produces music similar to autechre, goes by the moniker of Sleep Clinic. For the longest time his setup was an mpc200xl and an sp808ex. He moved on to using the octatrack and analog four a handful of years back. It’s rare to find mpc users who do something entirely unrelated to hip-hop.


Yeah this is what I’ve noticed… not many videos out there making the kind of music I like to make.

I kinda want an MPC1000 just because it’s so cute, but I’m not sure if I’d really be into the workflow/sequencer.


Honeslty i cant remember where i got them now, but it was something like 140-200 tracks? Ill look in the folder later. I ‘thought’ it was on SC…but now you have me questioning myself.


From the “Ask Autechre Anything”, some notes on MPC1000 use:

Question on role mpc1000 plays live, esp. in regards to kicks: (Rob) “mpc1k, on untitled tour, mpc was samples/fx, sequencing those and the nord modulars. some kicks were samples, usually the dirtier ones, clean mostly nord.”

Question on worst piece of gear bought and why: (Rob) “mpc1000 with akai os preinstalled probably…. due to completely wasted potential - boring eh”

There are a couple of other references to JJOS.

I only ever had an MPC500 and it wasn’t great. I wish I had gotten the 1000 instead just to have a semi proper screen and have access to this JJOS thing. But the MPC was so limiting on performance / automation features (unless you’re a pad-drumming performer, which some people are) it just never quite fit my style. Really nice build for a small box, though, but only one performance slider and you could only do one thing to one pad/sound at a time with it. A far far far cry from what you can do on a Machinedrum, let alone what you can do with the slider on Octatrack! And the MIDI sequencing on the 500’s little two-line character display was pretty rough too.


Yeah, the Octatrack is pretty much destroying any real temptation to get the MPC1000. Every time I sit down and make something with it, it really surprises me.


just testing out the AE mnm midi sequencer setting, and just added a midi track 1, hooked and looped back into to trig AE trasck machines with the mnm midi in to mnm out with the AE sysex.

base channel 1, channel span 00, multi trig 1, multi map 2, auto track 3.

Multi trig set to AE defualt, seq transp direct.

one can go pretty nuts, with the AE material. AE has a lot of ‘stuff’ going on with lfos, reverb and delays with lfos, so its always nice to see where any semi-random midi trigging can push the sound.

Just trig a track machine from the midi track 1, use the midi arp to trig the AE track arp (nice!), live record notes from midi onto the AE mnm track. i’m only trigging one track from midi as a focus track, because the mnm can lock up at any time. Be careful, or go for it!! , with the memory locks as you will get ‘midi memory locks full’ message which might glitch up the AE material.

The mono always has a ‘nice’ AE tendency (it will freeze lock up, maybe do some random shit, but if you have the delay looping and the AE reverbs you can capture some nice drone moments) to crash when it is sequencing itself via its own midi output.


Could someone please point to aE lives that feature most of the sequences in the shared files?



This one maybe. Can’t listen now, but it’s from 2008.


A bit late to this and have nothing to add really but holy shit am I excited about this. Haven’t used my MD and MNM in a while but will certainly be having some sessions soon. Quaristice was the biggest reason I got into Elektron products and I loved the live sets I heard. This is quite the unexpected treat.


This one is older and has nothing to do with the sysex, but its awesome.

And so is this one…DAMN!


Kinda forgot about this. I found the WAMM thread but if you have the zip still, I’d love to have that.


What models of Monomachine and Machinedrum did Autechre use in 2008 -----the non + versions presumably?
So we can assume these sysex files will work in any of these versions ?
Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII (2007)
Monomachine SFX60 MKII (2007)
Monomachine SFX60+ MKII (2010)
Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII (2007)
Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII (2010)



Heres a remix I made using the G1 pattern on MnM, I used track 6 to route some MPC tracks and as an insert for a Keeley Darkside. I changed up which tracks were being sent through the FX on the fly.

The track pretty much wrote itself thanks to Autechre’s cleaver use of LFO’s!


I think they’ll even work on the Mk1s. A lot of the Machinedrum patterns seem to be only 32 steps like the mk1. The photo I shared earlier in the thread is an MDUW and has always looked like a Mk1 to me (it just looks slightly taller than the MnM next to it).

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of UW usage in the Machinedrum set. I imagine most of the sample stuff was handled by the MPC1000.

I haven’t looked at the Monomachine data yet, but I imagine it will certainly work on any mk2.


Sounds really good; super nice pedal too from what I’m hearing. Well done!


444 videos by autechre. not related but it was found similary


well, to be fair, two of them are samplers… your point is still perfectly valid, of course! I’m just saying that basically brings their entire studio in as a sound source.

they definitely had mkI versions at some point as much of Untilted utilized MD and MnM. as did the corresponding tour (saw 'em in Philly!) where the setup was basically the same as described here. I think the MD then wasn’t even a UW version, as it hadn’t been out long enough to be used on the record. now, did they upgrade to mkII’s or + drives? no idea.


Quick question. The unofficial Nord Virtual Modular on mac doesn’t work in performance mode right?
There is only slot A available for patches.?


Yes that’s correct: the demo G2 has one ‘monophonic’ slot.