Audio Specs: Analog Heat +22dBu MK1 vs +19dBu Mk2


I have a question regarding the audio i/o specs on the analog heat mk1 vs mk2

heat Mk1: balanced ins/outs: +22 dBu peak
heat Mk2: balanced ins/outs: +19 dBu peak

Anybody own both units/use them extensively to notice anything different in the input/output stages because of this 3 dBu difference?

Does this mean the mk1 unit can actually take a stronger signal before distorting vs the mk2? Seems interesting that the audio specs are worse on the mk2 (at least this is what it seems like)

Currently in the market for an Analog Heat and don’t know if i can justify the extra $$$ for the mk2 when on paper it looks like the mk1 has better audio specifications.

Perhaps in use the mk2 sounds clearer/deals with line level signals with less noise due to a refined input and output stage?


It just means the mk I output is 3dB hotter than on the mk II. I bet the internal gainstaging etc is not affected


hmm. interested to hear more answers. This question has definitely been asked before:

so is there any impact on noise floor mk2 owners who upgraded from mk1 or own both?


The maximum output peak value says nothing about SNR, just about max output. If the mk II has a 3dB lower max output, it would be logical to assume that max noise gain is also 3dB lower, but this will not change the SNR in any way just by itself, SNR being relative and all that…

That bit about headphones and their impedances is not relevant in this discussion, as we are discussing the main output levels


word, yea just included the full quote for completeness. I could see the headphone output change being a concern for someone using the AH as an audio interface (which i will not be doing)

Seems like it’s a pretty easy decision to cop a used mk1 for almost half the price of a brand new mk2 over here in canada.


I am quite sure that either the mk I or mk II will sound good. Also, if you use the heat via overbridge, the analog output stages will not come into the equation anyway. Might be more relevant to know if the AD/DA converters are the same on mk I & mk II for overbridge use


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