Audio over USB not sync with audio from Interface

I currently have setup my workflow as following:

  • Elektron Digitone audio via USB multitrack to 4 seperate audio tracks in Ableton. Overbridge engine settings set to 64 bitrate and speed to the fastest setting. Everything works great without glitches and problems. The settings page show around 7 a 8 ms total latency.

  • 2 synths and 1 drum computer connected to my Focusrite scarlet 18i20. Audio via USB to Ableton in seperate audio tracks. Interface set to 41000 + 64 samplerate… Also works perfectly like always, no glitches or problems. Ableton settings show total latency of 7 ms

So 2 USB cables delivering multitrack audio to Ableton. Individualy they work perfect but the huge problem here is that they are slightly of in timing when played together. The audio from my audio interface (synths, drumcomputer) is coming in earlier then the audio from the Digitone which makes is difficult to play my drumcomputer and synths together with the Digitone. I use a Kick drum from the digitone and a snare and hi hat from my drumcomputer but it’s very obvious that they are off by maybe 10 to 20 ms…
My first reaction was to set my audio interface samplerate higher so that the audio coming in is delayed a bit more but it’s still way to early when set to 128 (going higher makes my computer crash). I cannot set the Digitone faster because it is already set to the fastest setting and lowest samplerate.

Important to know: I use Ableton only as a recorder, there is nog midi data going out from ableton or any other clock or sync data. there is ONLY audio coming in from 2 USB sources at the same time.

HOW CAN I set this workflow up so the 2 incoming usb audio sources are more aligned.

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