Audio Interface Suggestions

Hi all,

I was perviously using an Motu Ultralite mk1(I think, was old anyway)

Yesterday, I had to update my Mac OS to Big Sur 11.6.6 and lo and behold, the MOTU drivers aren’t compatible.

So looks like I am now in the marketplace for a new audio interface.

I was running the Motu firewire into a Thunderbolt adapter and into the Macbook.

I am looking for recommendations please. Machine-wise, I am using MD, A4, Monomachine, Nord Lead 2x, Octatrack and some modular stuff.

Any suggestions appreciated?

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Audient just released their new Evo. Looks sick, IMO.

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I like my Scarlett 18i20 3rd gen.

I don’t have a Mac, but quoted from:

it’s for Big Sur too.
I can’t say if that works for you, but with Windows it’s good.

Focusrite Control 3.10.0 - Mac
Intel and Apple Silicon (M1). macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur) and 12 (Monterey).

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Im on a mk3 motu ultralite. Great when drivers behave on windows.

Seeing as your on mac im pretty sure mk3 be fine for you. Get decent deals on ebay for them now. Sure I paid £200 ish for a nearly new, mint one.

Also they have the newer mk5 ultralite out now too.

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RME UCX or equivelent RME. I like the UCX cause it’s small. I can also use it stand alone without the computer - this includes the awesome built in reverb, delay eq and compression - but you need a computer to configure it, after that you can disconnect the computer and the fx persist as well as any/all routing configurations.

Oh - drivers are super stable too.


Big RME fan here too. Rock solid.


Sounds kinky :joy:

I’ve had good experiences with my Presonus Quantum interfaces. Great quality audio and they’ve been reliable for the last few years.

RME is always a pervy (read preferred) choice of many people I know. You probably can’t go wrong there.

I also had a MOTU that never died. I just got tired of having to use 50 adapters to covert it to modern technology.


RME for sure. Currently using a PCIe Raydat in my Win7 PC and its the most solid interface I’ve ever used.


Also the added bonus of multitrack disk recording via usb drive and the mixer/routing app also available on the iPad… I own both the rme and MOTU 828es , both very solid companies with excellent support in my experience. If I had to do it all over again I would get the RME UFX the flexibility of its routing software beats out the MOTU.

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I really like the KMI KMIX.

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Only good experiences here.

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