Ata [no int]

Hi I’ve just moved locations, set everything up exactly as it was in my last location, yet no sound from the octatrack. I can press a few keys on the keyboard, then everything dies, i mean none of the menu works ,no keys work at all

Now I’ve entered the test menu with FUNC power on and run the function test

Everyhing is ok except ATA says NO INT

And in this mode I can play the keyboard

Anybody know what the heck this is ? thanks

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Your CF Card is probably dead. If it came with a new unit you should post a ticket.


oh great, it was working before as well

You were absolutely right, and I was so lucky i remembered to bring a spare card with me
It all now works !! THank you


glad that you had a spare one :slight_smile: good luck

Just bought a brand new MK2 Black and have encountered the same issue after less than a month of use. Is there any work around without a dedicated card reader to format it ?

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Not likely. It’s a good idea to back up your Audio pool once a month or more if you’re doing a lot of sample saving. and backup the project folders weekly as a good precaution. memory is fickle stuff. I’ve had the 16gb card that came with my mk1 octa for 6 years with no issues (knock on wood) just got a mk2 so we’ll see how long this 32gb card lasts.


…end of a happy ever after life with any ot, u’ll always need one FAST 'n SOLID 'n PROPER CV CARD with 64gb of ram capacity max of ur OWN, ANYWAYS…no way around this…
it’s THE one essential external detail it needs to make u happy for real…

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I’ve heard that there’s been a batch of faulty CF cards with new OTs. Same happened to me the day after I bought it.

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Cheers guys. I am lucky that camera shops are still open here in Dublin so i just picked up a Sandisk Pro 32g. Didnt realise how pricey they are ! I have a production retreat booked this weekend so needed a quick fix. Dissapointed to have to fork out again so soon after picking up the unit. Is there a chance that loading samples in the wrong formate can cause issues ?

Interesting, I reckon that must be it. It never left the machine since day 1

Hello everyone.

3 days into it and my CF is also broken on MKII Black. Buttons not responding, but still possible to use as a mixer and RAM sampler when card is taken off.

Do you know if there’s a way to restore stock samples? Buying a new card can help me get back on track but I’m gonna lose not only mine but also stock ones which were pretty dope.

There’s this reddit thread where people say that newest devices received broken CFs.