AS-1 over SE-02? - YES or NO


Seems like it’s ended now BUT it’s Cyber Monday tomorrow so I’m thinking maybe it’ll be on again.

If you want the cheap Mono Station then here they are still on sale



My plan is using all the DT midi tracks on two AS-1’s which allows five LFOs per synth (one being internal) plus all the standard Elektron CC p-lock stuff.



Forgot to add hat for an extra £2 I got the bag with my AS-1 so £396 in total

AS-1 plus Case


That’s awesome. Definitely do that. Sequencing it with an Elektron box and adding all those extra LFOs really changes that synth a lot. Plus you don’t have to worry about that pattern change bug.


Glad you got the free bag but man, those UK prices are rough.
AS-1s are $389 USD over here this weekend.


Wow, that’s a steal.




Yep well this is rip off Britain lol

I guess everything is cheaper over there I’d love to be there just so I could drink all your Budweiser :beer::beer::beer::beer:







The AS-1 has just arrived uau :blush:

Where’s the free software editor it doesn’t say anything on the box etc? Do I just go download the LE version at Sound Tower?


Just flicking through sounds with mu headphones on it sounds absolutely lovely


Yeah, the editor is the LE version online. There’s a paid version that does more but I never bothered. Enjoy it!


Thanks I’ll download it tonight. Gonna try control the AS-1 with Beatstep Pro, more knobs haha


Good idea. I control it with an OT for the same reason. It’s essentially an analog plugin for me.


I have to say it sounds fantastic. I only have headphones plugged in at the moment but loving that filter and BBD


The built in effects are extremely usable. I’ve had synths in the past where I bypassed the effects when it came to recording and just rebuilt them with plugins but it’s not the case with this one.


Today I bought something I sold 10yrs ago and I’m really happy. I got this in pristine condition and will run it through the Beatstep Pro.



Rob now that you’ve heard roland’s TR8 which sound do you prefer ? Novation or Roland ?


Well I sold the TR8s after 2 weeks… It sounds ok BUT… this sounded really really cheesy to my ears. The samples of the TR8s were Mickey Mouse at best. The Novation D-Station Iv’e owned before years ago sounds better to me, no sequencer but Beatstep Pro is at hand. I also have a TR-09 which also sounds better than my TR8s did…

Novation wins for me


Actual item is pristine, should have it within 7 days :blush: