Arturia V Collection 7


I too got an email about the possibility of rent-to-own regarding this (offered via Splice). I’m tempted, the buchla system has always intrigued me, and is included in the V7 right?. Rent-to-own is a pretty tempting thing for something like this.


I had just bought the collection a month ago on a rebate with my Keylab so I got a rebate to 99 Euros. Still sucks but I made the plunge since I use Analog Labs for live performances and it’s great having the Mellotron in the mix. What I found pretty great is that the new labs version has Pigments Presets and a Performance mode similar to mainstage. Can you guys get the new analog labs workout buying the new V-Collection?


Just read this and yeah, rent to own may just be what tips me over the edge into going for this one.

Arturia usually have reasonable sales though so might hold out and see how they look. I’m sure V6 was on sale via Native Instruments not too long ago



just got the promo from splice $499.80 total


Yeah, I guess like most people on this thread, I’m not rushing to upgrade here. The new additions all have their plus points and I’d certainly be keen to get them at some point but really I’ve not even made enough use of VC6 yet to feel that I can warrant the 199 just now.

I’ll no doubt be waiting for the inevitable sale for 99 or even just skipping until VC8 and go onto an every two releases cycle like with NI… though I never did pull the trigger on the latest Komplete (as I’d bought Reaktor6 separately because I am a total Reaktor fanboy) so I might even be onto every 3rd iteration there…


Last day of the upgrade sale. I took the dive. The CZ and mellotron will be put through it’s paces.