Arturia RackBrute and Link


Now we’re marketing!


First thing I would do is slap stickers all over that back. Bleh.


So jb you’re right (natch) – the Arturia Link is the fastening system that attaches the RackBrute to the DidleyBrute. Seems lame to call that the Arturia Link – but what ever. So sad for me to let my idea go – i was so hoping they’d liberate the matrix from the brute.

For a Eurorack box I had been looking at the Mantis from Tiptop which is about the same price as the smaller RackBrute, and looks a lot better imo. The Mantis even comes in a selection of bright colors. I’ll have to compare them more closely. I think the Rackbrute is a good thing though.


Review of the Rackbrutes and the Arturia Link system, by Loopop:

Freeze the video at about 1:08 and you can see all the ways you can configure this stuff.

“It doesn’t look like you are smuggling plutonium” – Loopop (perhaps damning with faint praise.)

Arturia Link Configurations

Sorry for the quality of this.


Knew it! Classic marketing. The stand is pretty sweet still though. Is there a 3u and a 6u option then? I think i’d probably go for a case + a mother 32 over the minibrute2+rackbrute if I was to go modular but there’s definitely a market for this stuff. Hopefully this means some cheap modules coming in the future


Perhaps even from Arturia??? I see the Arturia Eurorack power module in the video.



People say that Eurorack is expensive. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost? For example in the Arturia video above, how much would those modules cost total?


read it and weep


Check out modular grid, you can build a modular from real modules and find a price. It doesn’t actually have to bankrupt you, I think it’s more the idea that there’s always more you can add. It obviously comes with a bit of a premium having a custom instrument but it’s not as unattainably expensive as it’s made out to be to get a starter rig setup from what I’ve seen. Also though it can be ridiculously expensive very quickly though if you have a taste for fancy modules


Lots of modules you can build yourself quite inexpensively, and some manufacturers are very reasonably priced too. But anything fancy – a lot of the nice stuff is $500 - $600 a module, so it adds up fast. But then again whatever you put together is unique and the patches are your own.


The modules in the video above would be around 1700 euro if you buy them new.
You can save some cash buying used.
However, there are some fancy modules in this one. Morphagene for example is around 600 Euro. So for the price of only that module you get more or less the whole minibrute…
So, if you buy more basic modules it can be way cheaper.

My 3u (one row as the one above) was about 2000 with the case.
But I also like fancy modules :slight_smile:

Most semimodulars are a bargain compared to buying single modules


I think, as you mentioned, the seemingly manic collector mentality that comes with the territory increases the price after a while. And there seems to be a lot less finished productions per dollar from what I’ve seen :smiley:


Modular wont bankrupt you as long as you remain focused on music making and not turn into a brand collector. I think where people get thrown down the money hole is when collecting outweighs usage.
The are a number of complete systems that are between 800$-1500$ which isn’t too bad and imo the better way to dive into modular is nabbing a complete system.


It looks pretty cool to have a small rack for FX. But I understand that there’s some complication with putting line signals into the units, any knowledge on that? The whole topic is such a massive jungle of what the hells for me :smiley:


from what i know the line signal is quite a bit lower than the modular signal and generally to boost the line signal one would use and attenuater module for the incoming line signal. But, i have heard a number of individuals say this is unnecessary and the line can be fed directly into the modular system.


the good news is, VCV rack is free and extremely dope




but bleeps per dollar go through the roof!


Thinking of picking up one for my Folktek Mescaline, if I ever decide I want to play out with it, instead of just sampling noises from it, for playback from Octatrack or OP-1.


Arturia RackBrute Travel Bag

You can fit the 6U or the 3U and there’s still room for a the MiniBrute 2 or 2S plus patch cables etc.

Price seems reasonable too at $80 USD.