Arturia Polybrute

Is it this one from back in March?


Yes it is mon cher Watson


I put a link to this thread at the bottom of that thread, and you’ve now provided a link from here back to that one. There’s a third thread that talks about this a little too, this all got leaked early. And somebody thinks admin should control this mess.

Aha. Feedback loops aplenty!


Hopefully no one else starts a thread when Arturia actually makes the announcement — (later this week?) Please let’s let this be the running thread from now on.


My insider source tells me the wooden block is a potted succulent stand


OK — So the control pad on the left is very Touché like. Lots of vertical movement. The blob at the bottom of it is lit, and appears to have some special function when you touch it. There is a ribbon controller in the indent of the wood strip above the keys as already surmised. It seems that the keyboard is channel aftertouch only, or at least they didn’t make any presentation in the video of it being p.a.

What’s that wooden panel thing he was pressing down in the vid?

A Touché like controller. A three dimensional controller.

I’m sure Arturia will have a fancy name for it. Whether they licensed the technology, or just “acquired” it is yet to be determined. It may function differently from the Touché as well.

I’m still looking for more press released by Arturia, and the Loopop, et al videos.

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Looks to me like an XYZ pad, the top surface being a touch pad, and the vertical travel giving a third axis.
vs. the touché where all control comes from physical displacement, and there’s a top/bottom tilting aspect to the vertical travel.


Wwwwow! How much?

Don’t think that info is available yet. Will be interesting comparing it to other poly synths in its price range though. Its the next piece of gear I’m looking to buy


€2,500 damn that’s pricey. I’d rather just buy a prophet or an OB-6

It is 2899 US$

The “morph” control looks interesting: “Imagine being able to sweep all the parameter settings between two different patches all at once. PolyBrute goes even further with its groundbreaking ability to gradually morph between two completely different states within any patch.”

I think Arturia is trying to distinguish itself in this capacity of evolving sounds in an analog realm (sort of the Hydrasynth of the analog polys), between its mixable oscillator types, the expressive features of the controller, and the morph function.


That sounds Like the Clavia NordLead 4 Morph Feature.


Sweetwater has it for $2500 USD.

The (pretty much total absence of) CV connectivity is a bit disappointing – and surprising, given the fact that basic CV connectivity is standard on pretty much all of their other hardware synths. Clock I/O, that’s it.