Arturia Polybrute (All Models)

that Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend is a real nail in the eye…

What is up with the grill at the top? I guess that is passive exhaust but unusual to see it facing up instead of out the rear like the original. Look kinda like onboard speakers but going to assume no since no mention of it. Potential dust magnet.

yeah, that’s right - but I really like the color scheme.

Axel Hartmann ( ) already designed another synth a couple of years ago with similar colors:


yeah i think the colors look great, thats why the fake metallic jog wheels look really cheap in comparison to the rest of the synth.

The Polybrute 6 is already getting very hot. I own one.

Polybrute 12


WHOA! fulltouch is amazing. i initially was half-listening and when i saw the visuals coupled with the “key history” chapter, i thought there was a new feature that remembered the “shape” of your keypress and could map it as a modulation, but fulltouch and all of the other expression & mod options are mind blowing on this thing

mapping the vcf + vca envelopes to your touch is crazy. all synths need this

the transient/velocity parameter with fulltouch eg modes is genius

Absolutely !

That Arturia decided to engineer their own keyboard is impressive. A lot of difficult mechanical work, but it looks like it gets a big pay off for them. Will be interesting to see comparison to the Expressive E keybed.

Has anyone heard for sure, are they continuing the PB 6 as is ?


Don’t need a big analog poly, but the keyboard raises the question: will we get a Fulltouch Keystep soon? Arturia pushed MPE in a big way in the last Pigments update, but still doesn’t have a standalone MPE controller.

Arturia, stop me from buying an Osmose. You’re my only hope!

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" Has anyone heard for sure, are they continuing the PB 6 as is ?"

Yes, they are.


Oh my… I need a cold shower!



Available now, or is it not?

Synth is bigger and heavier than Polybrute 6.
No need for a gym membership.

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Just need to wait a couple of decades for the keys to yellow so they blend in with the rest of the synth.


Shipping in July, I am told.

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The keybed looks amazing! I’d be torn between this and the osmose if I had any space for either.

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polybrute 12 looks like if kaki pants and hushpuppy shoes made a synth.


I have had an Osmose from day one - I love it and it drives me crazy at the same time. The keybed is the part I love. The UX, the laggy interaction and the fact that it is still nearly impossible to drive external, not fully MPE synths reliably is what drives me nuts.

I am not going to judge the PB12 keys until I try it, but here you get a five octave keyboard that’s just as expressive as the Osmose AND the most innovative incarnation of one of the greatest synths in history, all integrated together, for a little over double the cost of an Osmose. It’s a no brainer in my opinion. Unless Fulltouch turns out to be not what it appears to be, I suspect my Osmose will be going into storage the day I receive this.

EDIT: not to mention you also get the ribbon and the “touche” equivalent - this thing is seriously incredible.


The only edge that the Osmose has from what I can tell is the side-to-side action on each key for pitch bend.