Arturia Polybrute (All Models)

Arturia is at Synth East - Norwich this week !


What keybed is this ?

Wow, that clip sounds really good. Reminded me of the Osmose right away. Exciting news!

Gearnews pulled down the page. What does that tell you ?

My guess Arturia isn’t planning to talk about this for a while. Can this sort of thing really be concealed now ?

EDITED : I’ve decide to delete the rest of this. This obviously was not leaked with Arturia’s knowledge or approval. The good news will keep.

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If you look at this closely, it looks like it follows the Keylab mk2 layout minus the drum pads and DAW transport/control section… so it could be more of a premium controller that leans towards Analog Lab??
The space left by the removal of the transports and drum pads looks suitable for a laptop too to me… :eyes:


Pure speculation on my part.

If this “thing” has the same keybed as the “thing” to it’s left, and my impression of that keybed is correct, a simplified front panel could still enclose an amazing performance instrument. ( Thinking of the simplified front panel on the Osmose. )

See my post on my impressions on the keybed.

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The centre jog wheel looks to have a display, which makes sense… but looking at it more, that’s a lot of body depth/real estate for it to ‘just’ be a controller… maybe it’s a self contained/standalone Analog Lab type synth??


Good work cleaning up that image. You must work for the CIA. That’s kind of what i imagined from the blur, but now I can see.

That’s made for playing not controlling in my opinion.

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Actually the next BIG show for Arturia will be SynthFest France, Apr 19-21. All the French companies will be there.


I guess if that leak is true I should start saving up. Always wanted the polybrute but it is rather costly for a hobby musician and the 6 voices (rather than 8) always bugged me. If they were to release a 12 voice version I probably can’t hold back

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The center wheel is definitely a display. There are like 2 or 3 frames at the end of that video where it comes into focus.


Time is a flat circle?


Dreaming that Arturia also goes the other way and release a stripped back 49 key 6 voice version. The current 61 key is just too big, and this in a “sequential style” case would be very appealing. I would take an lfo (or adsr) less, only one (multimode) filter, smaller mod matrix, some sequencer/effects functions moved to a screen etc… Maybe that would kill what makes this so powerful idk?




Don’t hold your breath. Not only is the front panel completely full of controls, the inside is packed. source

Hydra is digital.

And has 8 Voices.

My money is definitely on this secret synth being their take on the Expressive E Osmose.

That would make sense. The last Pigments update really pushed MPE, even though Arturia doesn’t have any MPE hardware. I’d love to see their take on it–most MPE controllers are too expensive, too niche, or abandoned by their manufacturer.

:arrow_right::moneybag::arrow_right: Minibrute
_________👆 something in that gap would be good