Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S


The keyboard version has a sequencer as well – i got confused looking at them. The sequencer is more ‘editable’ (let’s say) with the 2S. You probably know this already Anfim (you’re comparing to the MS20) – i thought this was worth emphasis because i found it confusing.


I didn’t know that actually, will check the vid out. It’s cool that they made the pads on the 2S pressure sensitive, makes losing the keyboard sting a little less.

Gotta say that these are pretty ugly though.


@anfim Agreed, pretty ugly. I think it’s the fake wood sides that make it worse. real wood classes it up a bit, look at the skinibrute mod

It looks 10000x better imo


And aftertouch on the keyboard which is big!

The two octave only is a limitation, so external keyboards have that advantage – but two octaves are great from both a price and size standpoint.


This. Made me skip the drumbrute, too. I just couldn‘t stand to look at this thing for prolonged periods.


Pretty impressive patchbay, probably making this the most powerful of all the cheap monosynths available.
Opens up a lot of possibilities


This thing would be great if they replaced the analog oscillators with some advanced digital oscillators with all the great digital synthesis types.


The 2s and rack certainly look nice, I reckon the 2s will outsell the one with keys by about 5 to 1, I just can’t get into Arturia’s analog sound though, their analogs sound like old VA’s to me, too stiff, bright and a bit lifeless, but of course this is purely down to personal taste.


osc and filter aside, this whole system just seems like a bargain in utility: midi keys and/or (amazing) seq both with interesting mod options, 48 patchpoints, multiple multiwave LFOs, 2 envelopes, intergratable, fordable, portable case with power…

Throw in a complex osc and multimode filter to sweeten up the deal.


yeah, feature wise totally amazing for the money


The fake wood is not a sign of quality. Arturia need a facelift.


The thing with the minibrute is if you want a good sound (not the overdriven, agressive one you usually hear) with it you need to keep oscillator sliders below 1/4
The filter works better and the bass has a better definition


Fairly thorough review of the 2S:

I wouldn’t mind giving up the keyboard of the 2 in exchange for the 2S’s more capable sequencer. The pads are a nice touch.

I’ve managed to avoid falling into the Eurocrack money pit, but the 2S plus one of those Eurorack cases might be the starter system that draws me in.


The pads on the 2S are both pressure and velocity sensitive. I’ll have to try these – as the feel of a pad is crucial and perhaps a little illusive for a manufacturer to capture. So hopefully Arturia gets this right.

Velocity is obviously loudness, but will pressure be aftertouch. The velocity should get recorded in the sequence, It would also be nice if the pressure was too. That would make this highly performable as well – using the patch bay to drive external gear as well.

I’m feeling too lazy right now to actually read the manual to see how the 2S sequencer works though.


The 2S video says that a sequence pattern can be up to 64 steps, 16 patterns per bank, 4 banks. I guess that’s about the same about Beatstep Pro but I could be wrong. 1 track is pitch and gate, other tracks are for velocity and modulation (pressure?) - that’s all in the video.


Everyone’s always complaining about things being too small, but this is too big for me. I just don’t like how bulky it is, and I I’m not a big fan of how it looks.


If it has a complete midi integration, the Octatrack could be used as a much better sequencer :thinking: but if i buy the key version, I would need to connect midi from brute into midi in from OT in order to use the keyboard with the sequencer. But then I have only two octaves to play all the other synths controlled by OT… which brings me to the desktop version… if they going to make one…

Damn…too hard to decide…Arturia makes me go modular, i will be broke in a few months! If only a Swedish concern would create some kind of box, which is able to create fancy sounds…

Arturia RackBrute and Link

I’m stoked for the people who are stoked about these releases but they do not appeal to me at all. My time is limited and life is too short.

For cheap analog I’m happy with the monologue. It’s a fantastic instrument. Anything beyond that in analog and I start looking at what Moog has to offer.


Not me but I likey


Yes both go for 649€.

Nice machines, but my A4 Mk2 can do everything these machines can do times four. So i don´t need this. The Arturia Link stuff is very nifty. Like!