Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S


The sliders in some of their promo release images look horrendous! All at different angles. I’m sure it doesn’t make one tiny bit of difference in use but I’m pretty anal about these sort of things and would want them all straight :smile:



Now that’s what got my attention!


The 2S looks like a blast! A bigger form factor than I’d personally like but looks like so much fun. The step sequencer has got me drooling.

Does it have a motion sequencer ala the Monologue/Minilogue? That graphic in the video seems to show one.

Edit: I know I’ve said it before about the Monologue but seeing this for $649 reminds me how dirt cheap the Monologue is for all you get with it. No patch bay, etc, but still a steal for $299. $649 is probably going to be a tough price point for Arturia with all the sub-$500 monosynths available. What’s the unique selling position here? The patch bay?


As I said above, I wasn’t a fan of the original brute’s sound but had thought if they released a version without keys, I would pick it up. Ow it looks like I’m getting a brute


Also in that price rang you have the 0 Coast, moog mother 32 and some dreadbox synths.


Then the Arturia sequencer had better be worth it. The patch bay looks more extensive than the Dreadbox synths, nice as they are.


it was not about that, it was about calibration (or circuit design maybe?), only small portion of the sliders was making any difference in sound, the rest was kind of useless, and they are short to begin with.


Well that’s was the point the guy I was replying to was making.
In that price range, there’s a lot to compete with, so the new sequencer /bells/whistles need to be able to stand up when compared to others in that price range.


love the features & stuff… but the Arturia sound never quite does it for me ( though the Matrixbrute was nice )… guess I’m too dialled into the pure class of the Moog sound… that 2 pole Steiner Parker filter just isn’t my thing.
But props to Arturia for coming up with this set-up… as things stand though Moog will still be getting my ££ for a DFAM to go with my Mothers, unless NAMM has something else up its sleeve.


I may consider trading in my 0-Coast and Beatstep pro for this, I’ve not been getting enough use of the 0-Coast to justify the purchase, think a Minibrute would be more useful in my workflow. Think I’ll delve into the 0-Coast more over the next few months before making that jump. I’ve not been much a fan of it’s nasaly sound so far but there’s probably a lot of unexplored territory. I’m wondering how the Minibrute2 compares.


I’m somewhat disappointed that Arturia have labeled this the Minibrute 2 instead of creating a new product title. As the old quote goes “Competition kills creativity”. While this quote is true it also lowers the darn resale value of my original Minibrute!


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the new one without sequencer is sweeeeet


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Concept reminds me strongly at Novation Monostation.
But either way…Analog Four can do all of the Minibrute 2S or Monostation times 4.


Still haven’t found any description (unless it’s buried in a YouTube video that I haven’t made time to sit through yet) of this “triple layered sequencer”. But hey! Three layers!

futurama - three layers


Exactly what I told myself after watching the videos.
Not all but most of it and a lot other things they can‘t do.
I prefer the sound of the monostation over the minibrute I guess


I think 0-coast sounds more interesting, more harmonics in that oscillator and better results in the strange department.


I also prefer the sound of the 0 coast to the microbrute by far