When you get the hang of it, press fn and arp and prepare yourself for a whole new world of fun


Hm yes I have explored arp setup a bit, but I really really want to fully understand it I guess. I don’t understand the designers intention I suppose


Thank you gentlemen


Yeah, Elektron boxes are a bit daunting at first. I freaked out a few times before I got the hang of it. When I discovered what a p lock was I got so overwhelmed by all the possibilities that I stared at the synth from the other end of the room.

Elektron sells two main things with their machines: a focus on sound design and a workflow. A bit of a learning curve to get in the flow, but once you’re in it it becomes a preferred method, I feel


That’s how I felt about trig conditions ha! Also that “entering all four notes at once” thing must be new because it didn’t work like that before I updated it :confused:


Ha! Yeah, I can’t figure out an ideal way to use trig conditions on the A4. The Rytm it’s great though.

When I get a spare moment I want to make an entire song where every trig is set at 50% and just have chance bang it out


I’m trying to do a long arpeggiation throughout a track. I can do a hold, but it’s hard to get things in time with the sequencer that way — and I can’t figure out how to sequence this arp riff so that it plays continuously and smooth throughout, while in time with the other sequenced tracks. I’m hitting a brick wall — any help would be awesome and I will sing your praises to people you don’t know!


see above and elsewhere too - Arpeggiator

most questions have already been answered, best to develop ideas in existing threads where lots of users are already posting/notified

Hold Trig in step mode then dial in or play chord


On a techno dub track I already used trig conditions on the chords track… Some set with slow attack, other a bit like retrigs and linked together with PRE…
Very interesting !

Now I wish this had been recorded :slight_smile:


You might want to program this rather than play this…
Consider setting the trigs when the ARP must change.
Then hold trig and enter your chord.
Set hold to max…


Thanks! I’ll try that! I haven’t actually been trying to tap into any genre, but I DO want to experiment with making some dub


Thanks for the tip. Question: So when I repeat this for all four tracks (3 notes each), I am able to play all the Arps at once (awesome) - So I’m guessing that even though I have three notes triggered inf on each track(on first trig), ultimately there is only 4 notes being sounded simultaneously and therefore all four Arps can trig at once, correct?


Yep, indeed