Arpeggiator bug on Digitone

Hello elektronauts!
I would really appreciate your help. This may be a user error, but I am experiencing some strange behaviors coming from the arpeggiator on my digitone. I have searched the forum about this issue but I have not found anything.

The arpeggiator on one track interferes with the behavior of other tracks even when the voices are locked and are not stealing. Is this normal behavior from the digitone?

It happens when two differently arpeggiated sounds overlap on one track via soundlock. The result being that arpeggiated notes on privious tracks gets longer if placed on the same step as the overlap happens. (they seem to become infinitely long).

one way to duplicate this is to:

Make a new sound, the initial sound with an arpeggiator playing at speed 1/32, and add that sound to the sound-pool. (you can use another arpeggiated sound if you want)

Use track 1 and track 2. (the order of the tracks are important for this example, the behavior does not seem to happen in reversed order.)
Turn on the arpeggiator to 1/16 and add a new note on step 5 on both tracks. (not the previously saved sound)

On Track 2 add the previously saved sound from the sound-pool via sound lock to step 1 with the length of 5 so it overlaps the other initial sound on step 5.

You can turn down the volume on Track 2. You only need to hear Track 1.

Now when I mute and unmute track 2 the sequence on track 1 behaves differently depending on if track 2 is muted or not. In this example the arpeggiated note on step 5 on track 1 gets longer.

I’m guessing this is a bug, and has something to do with the soundlock arp-overlap on track 2 in my example but should that effect the arpeggiator on track 1? Does your Digitone behave the same way?

I would much appreciate answers.

See this topic.
Maybe it helps you out :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking your time to reply and trying to help me hilgerson.

It’s hard for me to tell from the video if what you experienced is the same behavior as I have, I don’t think it is but it may be so. (maybe the same behavior can be induced in different ways, or did you have an arp running on track 2 and on track 3 two different arps?)

If it is the same behavior. I don’t think the behavior is voice stealing, as someone suggested to you on your post. I am only using two voices total and it happens even if I sound lock four voices each on the two tracks. Can it still be voice stealing ?

Further I did some more digging and It does not seem to matter what I do on the voice page, the only thing that makes a difference is if I lock all the voices to track 2, then all the sound on track 1 stops. (as expected.)

Even if I lock all the voices to track 1 the strange behavior occurs. But if I mute track 2, now with no voices, the behavior on track 1 changes and the arp/note on track 1 behaves normal again. (the note on step 5 on track 1 is no longer infinit.) This makes me think it has something to do with the sequencer not voices.

So I ran into the same problem, this definitely seems like a bug to me. It happens as you say and isn’t voice stealing :slight_smile: Unintended/Undocumented arp stealing? :thinking: I made a little video showcasing the problem.