Arpeggiation w/LFOs?

Hi all,

wondering if anyone has good ways to emulate arpegiattion w the machinedrum… new firmware has me wanting to and i don’t want to rely on external midi. i get melodies w lfos sometimes, but want to organize them in such a way that makes for tonal (-ish) intervals


waftarp.syx (3.9 KB)

(1 pattern 1 kit)
due to way LFOs cycle/start it’s not straightforward to achieve regular interval like a classic arp, this is just a fun exploration of your post but some stuff in here could be reigned in a bit for tighter control.


omg thanks can’t wait to try!

be interested if you get use/insight out of it, i didn’t do any plocks but that’s another way or creating regularity and control within the modulations.