ARM2 power-up issues

New (black) ARM2, purchased from new in November 2020. Started to require multiple attempts, and pulling mains in and out to get to boot up. Have updated OS to 1.60A, no faults showing on start-up test. Issue seems to have been around a while, having seen similar or same issue referred to multiple threads going back a couple of years.

Have raised a ticket and put the retailer on notice, so thought I would put a shout out here while I await a response.

Could be a faulty power switch? My Machinedrum had this problem, the switch was dirty.

thanks, but doesn’t seem like a dirty, or faulty switch. The unit is always covered when not in use, and it’s only a couple of months out of the wrapper. The unit flashes for a split second after flicking the power switch on, then it all goes dead.

Very odd.

Duplicate topic.