Are there good deals on Reverb?

Are there actually good deals on Reverb?
I say this a bit tongue and cheek but that site needs a rubbish filter or something. Endless streams of used gear priced way above new.

Feels more like crate digging in a musty back room than anything sometimes.

Not looking to precipitate a complaint-fest here, but curious how others are finding it.

It’s been a great tool for me mainly selling gear to an expanded market so I think it is a great resource, but browsing listings is kind of absurd.

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Rarely. I think the point of reverb is to trade cheap for reliable? I don’t know … but my friends that do use it have basically said as such, ‘im willing to pay more because its not ebay’.

Your comment is funny to me though…

… I would expect great deals in this situation! Reverb feels more like browsing a pawn shop where they’ve got the stuff set out nice and they’ve already done their research on what the prices should be.

I’m definitely more a back-room-crate-digger type so I’ve never bought anything off them. One time I did find a beat up piece that I almost bought, but I let it get away. Oh well.

Basically, I’m with you. Not really for me as I’m too much of a bargain hunter, and reverb is mostly market rate or higher.


It has momo modular clones. These are good.

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Lol. Yep. I think you’re on point here.

The crate digging analogy is basically just that I could spend hours going blind without any promise of anything…and usually come out with a slightly shortened lifespan. Maybe you’re right though and it’s time to give up on stumbling upon some sexy deals there.

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If I’m buying on Reverb it’s because I’m trying to find gear from another person kind of like myself. Someone that takes care of their gear but never intended to keep most of it in the first place. I keep what I love and sell most of what I just kind of like.


Reverb is a shit show. Especially when looking for old synths or rare things. Prices for, for example, Cwejman modules have gone through the roof without any clear indication that they actually sell for those prices. It’s very misleading.

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Above new? Thats crazy, unless it’s gouging due to scarcity.

But yeah things are priced high just to maybe, hopefully get lucky and deter low ball offers. Just make an offer or put it on your watch list for price reductions.

I’ve sold 16 times on Reverb because it’s safe for me. Every piece of gear is sold as represented and I haven’t had complaints about what I’m selling. I post at fair prices and sell at prices far better than new.

I’ve only ever purchased Momo Modular stuff on there new. I’m not super keen on buying used gear. I’ve done some swaps with a few Elektronauts and that’s about the extent of my “used” dealings.

But as far as fair prices, I’m not going to sell you my 10 month old, near mint condition unit for hundreds less than what it is new. My Subharmonicon sold for $835 CAD with the shipping. I took home $770. That same unit new with taxes in Canada is $1072. The person that purchased it, in my opinion, got a very good deal.

Just my thoughts. I’ll continue to sell on Reverb when I have gear that needs to find a new home.


I’ve gotten some pretty fair deals on Reverb. I have also sold on it many times and priced my stuff fairly. I’ve only been screwed over one time, and Reverb did nothing to help me. All I could do was leave the seller with damning feedback. But yeah, you come across some outrageous pricing that has little connection with reality. I also question the intention of some sellers. Do they really want to sell what they have listed? Let’s say you are looking up a certain guitar. They all sell for 600-800. But this seller has his listed at 1600, and he won’t budge, no matter what, and he has rejected 11 offers. What is that? A complex?


I’ve never sold gear on Reverb, but I managed recently to get my MPC One from a Reverb seller for quite a bit off of the $799 retail price, and it wasn’t a heavily used (or as far as I can tell) broken MPC. But I only found that killer deal after watching the MPC One Reverb feed for weeks to find that perfect deal. As for overall prices, I think it depends on what you’re buying. Some of the items I follow in my feed are regularly listed at below retail prices for good condition used gear. But there’s also some people who think listing their used gear for more than retail price is a good idea.
There’s good deals to be had, it just requires an eagle eye and a quick-draw with your credit card when the listing shows up.

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I think it’s the safest outside of elektronauts, that’s worth a lot to me.

Both bought and sold on Reverb, I like it, for deals you need to be very patient!

!!Always triple check prices elsewhere!!


Yeah, I’d say my reverb cycle is just browsing the used gear until I realize most of the used asking prices are marginally less than new, so I end up just buying the new with a warranty.

I think the coolest part though, is that unlike a retailer its possible to do a straight across trade here and there

I’ve found plenty of good deals on Reverb in the UK and most sellers tend to have the Make Offer button enabled to get closer to what you want to pay. I’ve always sold my own gear on there for reasonable prices too. The only thing to factor in is that there’s a whopping 5% sellers fee nowadays. There are complete jokers too (to whom I’ve sometimes sent joke offers) but it’s better than most alternatives because of the added safety.

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There is an occasional good deal but they go fast, so if you are not diligent you will miss out.

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I stopped buying used gear. I guess Im just an old man shaking my fist at the sky…but if you opened the box and used the gear a $50 price reduction under the new in box price isnt a correct price.

For me its like when you drive that new car off the dealership lot. It aint new anymore.

I’ve always sold on Reverb for a hella good deal or passed on a deal I got ie; dsi tempest $1k, dsi x $2,900, dsi ob6 some low n stupid amount

I actually sold a limited edition whiteout full key Access Virus TI2 for a small profit, then the person who bought it flipped it for a $1k profit right after

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More common or underappreciated goods it’s fine! Many good deals to be found.

For new boutique stuff i often just go to sites that have open box items or new 5-15% coupons.

Browsing the site looking for “deals” is very much the wrong way to approach Reverb.

Set up filters and follow them for whatever you want, and when they pop up, make offers.


The stuff you see listed on Reverb is the stuff that hasn’t sold, not the stuff that has. Always important to remember that.

When I bother to list on Reverb, I want to clear stuff fast to make space for new gear so I price well. Usually I end up sell within a few hours. I think a lot of people do the same.

Over-priced or super common not particularly special gear seems to clog up the feed. But if you keep an eye on the newly listed stuff, you can find some pretty decent deals popping up very regularly, but they never last long before being snapped up.

For the pro-shops listing on Reverb you usually get a better deal by contacting them directly via their website - Juno for example will cut you a way better deal than they ever offer on Reverb if you ask nicely via the chat on their website. Presumably because they save on the commission.


Lots of people sell at a much bigger discount - its only the delusional who don’t knock 30-35% off the new price for having opened the box (you see a few on Elektronauts as well from time to time…). Of course its the delusional ones who dont sell their gear fast and you end up seeing it listed for ever. I’ve never understood why people don’t just want rid for quick cash. That’s always been my priority.


Didn’t really read all the comments but I will say since they started adding taxes, upped fees and took away PayPal, the deals are few and far between. A lot of times people are just looking to make their money back and when you add in the fees etc, its going to be higher than buying new. I used to sell on reverb all the time but now it really doesn’t seem worth it to buy or sell.