Are there 3rd party custom keycaps for Digitone encoders?

…well the subject pretty much says it. I want to replace the factory caps with different ones for looks and grip. Are there 3rd party cap models known to fit on Digitone encoders? Cheers!

I use chromacaps encoders in all my elektron devices

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Yes, good grip and nice colors. Pick the Thin encoders :wink:


Good to know thanks!

Are you sure though, they don’t list Digitone among supported devices in the pulldown where you select wich type of encoder you want. (:

They’re the same shaft/encoder size as all other Elektron devices, so you’ll be fine selecting something like OT mk2.

I wish Chromacaps made caps without the flared base or knurled design, I think they look ugly on an Elektron device. I would 100% buy red or white caps for my mk1 OT if they were the same style as the original caps.


got it, thx!

Coolorcaps are an alternative to Chromacaps but they’re extremely similar in design.


I will post photos of my Octatrack if u want to check out how will see with the chromacaps



lovely! (: For real, I bet the grooves down the side make for good grip. (.

I find it strange that people can’t grip the rubbery elektron caps tbh! They turn so easily that I can just rub the edge with my finger and that’s enough.

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Nice pic.
Side note :
I avoid placing stuff behind my Octa where the little plastic tingie for the CF card is.

Yeah, I know, just placed the pedal here for the photo, normally I place the pedal in the desk, but I’m rearranging my studio

Great pedal btw I have the MS70 to and MS50G for my Monologue

I just had the knob caps off my digitone for an unrelated reason, and can confirm that the coolorcaps knobs fit the shafts (6.5mm ‘D’ shafts). But the x-large one I have to test with is too short and doesn’t reach the panel, leaving a big gap under the knobs. Their large ones are for taller shafts, and should work.

For the master volume potentiometer, the position of the indicator is opposite the flat side of the D shape - the 180° ones on the chroma caps / coolorcaps guides. The shaft is the same size as the encoders.

Also, their knob lifters are great.

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Anyone try chromacaps’ glow in the dark version?
They are plastic. I like the idea but don’t know if I like plastic instead of rubberised.

great info thx! (: