Are the brand new Model: Samples items updated (from Electron) with the Samples Lock per step function?

Hi guys and sorry for the distraction. I’m new into the Electron world but very enthusiastic, so I have preordered the Model: Samples, and hopefully it will arrive the next week. The problem is that I’m running a computer that doesn’t meets the Electron spec requirements in order to download the Sample lock per step firmware update.

So, if some of you guys recently got the Model: Samples (brand new) maybe you could inform me if the Sample Lock per step function is already there in the unit, without the need to download the firmware update.

Thanks in advance

Just from memory… Isn’t the firmware file just a sysex? So you could send it from any Midi Sender (like MidiOx or so)?

My came with an older FW, I think it is quite common as it saves money for the manufacturer…


I run a computer that is far below spec for transfer, it’s a netbook basically, but I’ve not had issues doing firmware updates on my elektron boxes or transferring samples.

I would attempt to install and use elektron transfer, even if your computer doesn’t meet spec requirements, as you’re going to need it anyway to get samples to the model:samples


Thanks for the replies guys, I downloaded the file ‘’model samples –OS1.1.2.sys’’ from Electron’s website but I can’t open this file…

Maybe I should try through another computer…

There are no Elektron “spec requirements” to download the update file, nor to install it on your M:S.

The file should have the suffix .syx, not .sys.

You do not need to ‘open’ the file. All you need is a piece of software like Elektron’s Transfer or C6, or a third-party equivalent like SysEx Librarian to send the file to your M:S if you need to perform an update. You cannot do anything with the file unless you have an actual M:S.

What operating system does you preferred computer use?


Thank you very much for the reply. I have a PC I - core3, Windows 10 64 bit. In Electron’s website they’re referring as minimum requirements the PC to be I - core5. But I don’t think this is the problem, because as you said I don’t need to open the file just to send it into the Model Samples , so now I have to find the way to do it.

Thanks again

Here is Elektron’a documentation on the process for Model:Samples:

That should be everything you need to get it updated, and even the slowest computer should be able to do it.

Thank you. This is very helpful.

I already downloaded the Electron C6, so through the C6 I finally placed the OS1.12 firmware update file into the C6 and it is ready to transfer it. Hopefully my Model: Sample will arrive soon, hopefully tomorrow and I can’t wait to finish the operation.

To me the Lock Sample per step function is very important, because I will be able to use only one of the 6 tracks for my drum patterns, and to have plenty of room for my bass and melodies.

Your computer will do just fine. Also, if you have a Samples, you definitely want Elektron’s Transfer program. It makes loading samples super easy.

Yes, I’ve been using C6 for years on older PCs to send sysex data to a wide variety of old synths… long before I even owned any Elektron gear!